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India Art n Design · 14h ago

When less is more!

By Beverly PereiraPhotography: Space Advertising Agency; courtesy the designerRead Time: 2 mins.Studio Osmosis uses a minimalist approach to stylize a show apartment that appears spacious, c...
India Art n Design · 3d ago

A stimulating game of perception

By Savitha HiraPhotography: Kateryna Iakovlieva, OrprojectRead Time: 2 mins.Integrating natural elements into computer-aided design, Orproject’s latest and award winner of the A-Design Gold ...
India Art n Design · 5d ago

Where light is the hero!

By Sonal MamoowalaPhotography: Murtaza Gandhi; courtesy the architectsRead Time: 2 mins.A signature concept of form and colour enhancing simplicity and peculiarity, Aesthetics Beauty Clinic ...
India Art n Design · 1W ago

Where art meets luxury!

By Deepika SrivastavaPhotography: Ankush Maria; courtesy the architectsRead Time: 2 minsHSJ Flagship, Lucknow (inset) l-r: Architects Ravish Mehra & Deepak KalraRMDK-designed jewellery store...
India Art n Design · 1W ago

High-rise home with unobstructed views – inside out!

By Sonal MamoowalaPhotography: Palak Jhaveri; courtesy the designerRead Time: 2 mins.Shalin Gandhi opens a high-rise home to its surrounding vistas, whilst maintaining an equally-engaging in...
India Art n Design · 1W ago

Ambiences that make memories

.Hospitality design is all that wishful thinking is made of. It gives wings to some of our aspirations and expectations…Read more »
India Art n Design · 2W ago

Exploring the narrative in design!

Hospitality SpecialBy Team IAnDPhotography: Aman Deshmukh; courtesy The Orange LaneRead Time: 2 mins.Viman Nagar Social designed by the sprightly Shabnam Gupta, effortlessly juxtaposes the s...
India Art n Design · 2W ago

Love and cheesecakes!

Hospitality SpecialBy Savitha HiraPhotography: Courtesy Swati Shah DesignsRead Time: 2 minsPoetry - Kala Ghoda & Kamala Mills, MumbaiYoung design practice, Swati Shah Designs draws the brand...
India Art n Design · 2W ago

Pune gets its most stunning bar!

Hospitality SpecialBy Savitha HiraPhotography: Anand Diwadkar; courtesy the designerRead Time: 2 mins.It’s Sumessh Menon yet again: honing his art of crafting new-age materials into grand ho...
India Art n Design · 3W ago

For the love of everyday objects

By Deepika SrivastavaPhotography: Courtesy Sandip PaulRead Time: 3 minsNeon tetra  “The motivation to innovate is yet to see its high in India,” opines Paul Sandip. With a coveted portfolio ...