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Inside Books We Love · 23h ago

Christmases Sheila Claydon

My latest book, Empty Hearts, is a vintage romance. It isn't about Christmas, but the cover, designed by the wonderful Michelle Lee at Stardust Creations at evo...
Inside Books We Love · 1d ago

Would I Redo by Joan Donaldson-Yarmey When I was in school, I wanted to travel and my dream job was to be a stewardess as they were called back then. I studied French, Germa...
Inside Books We Love · 2d ago

Pardon My Ignorance, Por Favor

For more information about Susan Calder's books, or to purchase visit her Books We Love Author Page. In Montevideo our walking tour guide stopped in front of Café Brasilero. He told us the c...
Inside Books We Love · 3d ago

POT holders - - who knew? by Karla Stover

Inside Books We Love · 6d ago

Reminiscing the Christmases of my Childhood by June Gadsby

Check out June's Author page for books and purchase links 
Inside Books We Love · 1W ago

Thoughts on Writing A Novel – Show Don’t Tell by Rosemary Morris

Inside Books We Love · 1W ago

Spies and Underhanded Dealings during the 17th Century by Katherine Pym

Use Coupon~*~*~*~*~“The ministers of King Charles II were not chosen for their honesty…”  Violet Barbour, author of Henry Bennet, earl of Arlington, (published 1914).King Charles IIKing Char...
Inside Books We Love · 1W ago

When to Bend the Rules by J. S. Marlo

Inside Books We Love · 2W ago

Holiday Favorites from BWL Publishing

Inside Books We Love · 2W ago

The Arc of the Story..."Where the River Narrows"