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Inside Books We Love · 10h ago

How I wish I’d become a scientist—Tricia McGill.

Find info on all my books here on my Books We Love Author pageBack in the days when I was ready to leave primary school in London and move on to high school we had to sit for what was called...
Inside Books We Love · 13h ago

Pre-Orders Now Available - Also, BWL Newest Releases

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Inside Books We Love · 2d ago

Sharing a Spring Short Story - Love in Lies

DK Davis here – sharing a Spring Short Story I wrote for the 750 Writer’s Group on GoodReads. They have monthly short story contests – March was 500-1000 words, and required three components...
Inside Books We Love · 4d ago

Never, Never, Ever Play Poker With Raccoons

Never, Never, Ever Play Poker With RaccoonsThis is my after Easter blog post. Hey, everyone posts on Easter, thought more people would read it after. Especially the harassed Easter Bunny.Whi...
Inside Books We Love · 6d ago

What's a Cozy Mystery? by J.Q. Rose

Cozy mystery author J.Q. RoseDangerous Sanctuary available at the Books We Love bookstoreWhat's a Cozy Mystery? by J.Q. RoseWhen my romantic suspense novel, Dangerous Sanctuary, was first re...
Inside Books We Love · 1w ago

From Bedroom to Book: Chili Run by Stuart R. West

From pillow to page...Despite the rather enticing, come-hither title of this post (gotcha!), I'm not going to start writing erotica.Rather, it's a round-about way to chat up my new comedy th...
Inside Books We Love · 1W ago

Sailing , Sailing.... By Nancy M Bell

His Brother's Bride Book 2 in the Canadian Historical Brides series. Click here for more info on this title.When you all read this I will be sailing the ocean blue. At least it better be bl...
Inside Books We Love · 1W ago

My Writing Style - Janet Lane Walters - Panster or Plotter

Had some problem getting in this morning but problem solved.  I've noticed people have been writing about their way of writing.I'm always asked this question. Are you a Plotter or a Panster?...
Inside Books We Love · 1W ago

The Writing Game, by J.C. Kavanagh

Best Young Adult Book, P&E Readers' Award, The Twisted ClimbThere are times when I sit in front of the computer impatiently waiting for the words to appear, my fingers hanging precariously o...
Inside Books We Love · 1W ago

Lost Continents

  An Early Map of AtlantisMost people are familiar with Atlantis, the sunken continent, first written about by Plato. Supposedly situated in the Mediterranean Sea and inhabited by a war-like...