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Inspiring Passion for Jesus Christ · 2d ago

Searching for Spring: How God Makes All Things Beautiful in Time (Book Review)

I recently read the book, Searching for Spring by Christine Hoover. The book is centered around the truth that God will make all things beautiful in time. The writings within turn encounters...
Inspiring Passion for Jesus Christ · 2d ago

Prayer Is Our Foundation

Earlier this month I was given the opportunity to teach at our house of prayer. I shared on the importance of prayer as our foundation. Below are a few excerpts from this teaching. I know th...
Inspiring Passion for Jesus Christ · 5d ago

Building the House of Prayer (Update)

In less than two weeks, the Father’s House of Prayer will hold our first regional Worship and Prayer Gathering of 2018 on March 24 (visit this page for more details). Our vision is to unify ...
Inspiring Passion for Jesus Christ · 4W ago

The Bride of Christ: Growing in Intimacy with God

On Fridays at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Mike Bickle recently began a series on the Bridegroom/Bride message throughout the Bible concerning us and Jesus. I have been ...
Inspiring Passion for Jesus Christ · 5d ago

A Beautiful Frontier with the Beautiful Body of Christ

I wanted to share an update about FHOP after my previous update. Some will remember that we, a church and growing house of prayer, recently moved out of a building completely to begin meetin...
Inspiring Passion for Jesus Christ · 3M ago

How to Guard Your Heart: The Online Edition

We must consider who we allow into "our space" on a regular basis. We need proper boundaries, which we ourselves must enforce because others will not do so for us.
Inspiring Passion for Jesus Christ · 4M ago

True Success in God

As believers in Christ, we should define success differently than those in the world. Yet often in Christianity, success is seen in very much the same way as the world. We feel we must do bi...
Inspiring Passion for Jesus Christ · 5M ago

Jesus Holds You Close

In the season of testing, of shaking all that needs shaking, it’s a time of pushing through the trial and walking the waves of the storm.  It’s a journey where you discover not all see His h...
Inspiring Passion for Jesus Christ · 6M ago

Why Do We Do What We Do

How often do we search our hearts with the help of the Holy Spirit, seeking to know why we do what we do? Take the time, ask Him to shine the Light of His refining torch into your soul. The ...
Inspiring Passion for Jesus Christ · 7M ago

Vessels of the Father’s Love

Father God has given us each a free will. He has given us a beautiful choice to show love and honor to Him and others. Most often, we think we do this pretty well. Nonetheless, our hearts st...