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Intangible Hearts · 1W ago

The Lady Behind Gourmet Jail Food

Yesterday, as fortune would have it, I attended a meeting of The Friends of the Murrieta Library, where author Louise Mathews spoke about her career and promoted her book titled: Jailhouse C...
Intangible Hearts · 2W ago

A Happy Mother's Day Thank You Poem

To All the Momsby Eve GaalTo all the moms who kissed away tears,listened to our fears,taught us how to sing. To moms who baked pies,told us white lies--about how cute we were in bell bottoms...
Intangible Hearts · 1M ago

Spring Haiku

Took this photo on a walk around the blockRather than competeWith the lilies of the field--I humbly stayed home. 
Intangible Hearts · 1M ago

Inspired by the President and Hemingway

Our illustrious Commander in Chief has inspired me to try a new marketing campaign for building my platform and increasing followers. Figure I'd jump on the proverbial bandwagon and find out...
Intangible Hearts · 1M ago

Butter Biscuits & Fairy-Tales

The best part about a fairy-tale is typically the happy-ending. I remember asking so many questions about the prince and his stallion. Where did he sleep when he wasn’t near a castle? What d...
Intangible Hearts · 2M ago

I Want 007 Pants-(A Fashion Post)

I have a gripe about pants. I figured a blog post is a great way to vent about any politically correct subject as long as there’s at least a semblance of humor involved. So here’s my droll s...
Intangible Hearts · 2M ago

We Have a Leak!

We’re Not Quackiott, Duckyatt, Billton or Even the Web-foot Inn. The ducks are back and Fiona’s not happy about it. I’m writing this upstairs and can hear warfare in the yard. I hear her tin...
Intangible Hearts · 2M ago

Dealing With Distractions

They won’t leave me alone. If you’ve ever written long stories or novels, you probably know what I mean. They whisper in your ear. They laugh and giggle. The nasty ones sneer or even kick yo...
Intangible Hearts · 3M ago

Have You Seen the Garden Fairies?

Garden Fairies in Early SpringEve GaalMortals rarely see                them. (We’re too important-- too mature.)They swing on tall grass, hide in tangled roots,complex like innuendo,jokes t...
Intangible Hearts · 4M ago

Distracted By Craziness--Here's My Overdue List of Recent Reads

How can it be that I haven’t shared my book list for almost a year? Let me take the high road and blame my crazy dogs rather than those much crazier debates on television. Hope you find thes...