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Intangible Hearts · 5d ago

Amazing Grace

I Once Was Blind but Now I SEEThe other day I related a story to some friends about something that happened during my daily walk. As a person who enjoys poetry, I’m always looking for that s...
Intangible Hearts · 1W ago

Happy New Year--Stay Warm & Safe

Finally, there’s some rain in California. Normally this is exciting, wonderful news, but after all the fires, there are now mudslides threatening homes all over the place. And, while I can p...
Intangible Hearts · 2W ago

15 Ideas for Staying Home on New Year's Eve

Why drive? You can create New Year memories at home.Here are 15 fun and seriously sober ideas1.       Watch the ball drop on television while drinking beer or soda. Order pizza, make sure to...
Intangible Hearts · 1M ago

Thank You For Being A Wonderful Friend.

Remember Zuzu?December Whys ( A poem by Eve Gaal )Sunshine paints December flowers, in Hollywood tones o
Intangible Hearts · 2M ago

Intangible Greetings

Choosing LaughterThe days are shorter and the air cooler now.There, at the top of the hill, is our warm, comfortable home. A place we nurse wounds,shed tears,laugh if we can. Sheltered from ...
Intangible Hearts · 2M ago

Top 10 Canine Truths Proving It's the Heart and Not the Brains

Yesterday I saw another one of those videos where the dog helps around the house and seems to be able to do everything. Of course, most of these short films are created to make us laugh, but...
Intangible Hearts · 2M ago

Sharing November Surprises

First:I was delighted to find out a poem of mine had been accepted by Poetry for All. The publisher selects one poem for a chapbook that features one sole poet. They then create artwork arou...
Intangible Hearts · 2M ago

Call Your Friends!

 A friend I haven’t spoken to for over seven years called me the other day and said he wanted to thank me. Thank me? I scratched my head and listened with a grateful heart.“Eve,” he said. “I...
Intangible Hearts · 3M ago

Seven, Five-Star Book Suggestions That Will Keep You Reading Past Your Bedtime

Three of these books made me laugh. Some of them made me laugh so hard I cried, and the rest of them were profoundly intriguing, providing valuable and memorable entertainment. Do you like f...
Intangible Hearts · 3M ago

Tasty Recycling

This week, my blog is highlighting two seafood dishescreated from recipes found in this old cookbook, I picked up at a used book sale, for a pittance. To my delight, everything I’ve made fro...