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Intangible Hearts · 3d ago

Spring Haiku

Took this photo on a walk around the blockRather than competeWith the lilies of the field--I humbly stayed home. 
Intangible Hearts · 1W ago

Inspired by the President and Hemingway

Our illustrious Commander in Chief has inspired me to try a new marketing campaign for building my platform and increasing followers. Figure I'd jump on the proverbial bandwagon and find out...
Intangible Hearts · 2W ago

Butter Biscuits & Fairy-Tales

The best part about a fairy-tale is typically the happy-ending. I remember asking so many questions about the prince and his stallion. Where did he sleep when he wasn’t near a castle? What d...
Intangible Hearts · 3W ago

I Want 007 Pants-(A Fashion Post)

I have a gripe about pants. I figured a blog post is a great way to vent about any politically correct subject as long as there’s at least a semblance of humor involved. So here’s my droll s...
Intangible Hearts · 1M ago

We Have a Leak!

We’re Not Quackiott, Duckyatt, Billton or Even the Web-foot Inn. The ducks are back and Fiona’s not happy about it. I’m writing this upstairs and can hear warfare in the yard. I hear her tin...
Intangible Hearts · 1M ago

Dealing With Distractions

They won’t leave me alone. If you’ve ever written long stories or novels, you probably know what I mean. They whisper in your ear. They laugh and giggle. The nasty ones sneer or even kick yo...
Intangible Hearts · 2M ago

Have You Seen the Garden Fairies?

Garden Fairies in Early SpringEve GaalMortals rarely see                them. (We’re too important-- too mature.)They swing on tall grass, hide in tangled roots,complex like innuendo,jokes t...
Intangible Hearts · 2M ago

Distracted By Craziness--Here's My Overdue List of Recent Reads

How can it be that I haven’t shared my book list for almost a year? Let me take the high road and blame my crazy dogs rather than those much crazier debates on television. Hope you find thes...
Intangible Hearts · 3M ago

Fiona's Concession Speech

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA-We are happy to report that since our last post the drought in our usually photogenic state appears to be over! Hooray! The upcoming flowers, grasses and trees l...
Intangible Hearts · 3M ago


How do we start thanking God for all his blessings? I'll admit I am rather insecure, but do you ever feel your prayers aren't long enough or good enough? Will it ever be enough?I imagine the...