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Interior Stylist · 1Y ago

Chair Garden 101 - How to repurpose an old chair into a container garden

Repurposing an old chair into a container garden is a perfect way to add interest to your front porch, deck or garden spot beyond the typical potted planter. My friends know me, so it was no surprise when my pal Diana opened her car trunk and handed ...
Interior Stylist · 1Y ago

4 FALL Re-Style Tips for HOME

Mornings are a bit cooler, the kids are back to school, and you look at your calendar and there are only 113 days till Christmas!  Summer takes its toll on your home interiors.  Perhaps you ...
Interior Stylist · 1Y ago

Occupied Home Staging

Interior Stylist · 1Y ago

3 Steps to Reviving your Kitchen!

So many people want to reinvent their kitchens. We imagine our kitchens looking fresh and fabulous - injected with a dose of decorating Botox.  We’ve all done it - scoured Pinterest boards for hours, endlessly Googled, ‘Easy Cabinet Painting Techniqu...
Interior Stylist · 1Y ago

DESIGN to SELL: Vacant to HOME

Vacant homes don't show well.  Whether they are old, new, renewed, renovated or in great shape, they sit an average of 166 days empty. Staged, they sell in a month or less. WHY? Because peop...
Interior Stylist · 2Y ago

4 FALL Updates for Your Home

If you think FALL decorating is popping a few pumpkins here and there around the house, ge...
Interior Stylist · 1Y ago

Moving on Beyond a Bed-in-a-Bag - How to Buy Luxury Bedding

So listen up  - your days of grabbing the plastic wrapped bed-in-the-bag are over!  Sure t...
Interior Stylist · 1Y ago

The Best Home Tour Ever! - Lessons in how to create curated comfort

A recent trip to the West Coast was a joy. One of the highlights was my friend's invitatio...
Interior Stylist · 1Y ago

ReStyle Old to New - Making Your Inherited Stuff Stunning

I was chatting with my longtime Chicago friend yesterday about her brother tucking away Dad's inherited watch in a safety deposit box rather than wearing it.  He said that he was only going to use it on special occasions; I was totally puzzled why he...
Interior Stylist · 1Y ago

My Interior Styling & Home Staging Career - How Mom's Death Made Me Start a Business

December 1998, 16 years ago, I sat listening to my Mother’s eulogy by one of her dear friends.  My Mom had died at 66, which may seem young.   A dear friend spoke and wove a story, creating ...