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IntuitiveFlow · 3W ago

284. The yellow drawing

In the moment I finish it I know I want to use some colored pencil on it. I know where and how. I wait for the drawing to dry. I listen to the radio. The music is beautiful. Then I look agai...
IntuitiveFlow · 1M ago

284. Narrow and wide points of view

Fear. This is the subject of this painting. You can see that it is dark. The lines quiver and are afraid to move. Trying to come together and collaborate, they can’t. Fear is like a cloud th...
IntuitiveFlow · 1M ago

283. There, not there

There are two paintings in this entry. The first gives a good feeling. All the shapes feel good with each other. They are very close together and whatever happens in the picture, they all ta...
IntuitiveFlow · 2M ago

282. A new beginning, or: What has happened to Giora?

I am sitting in the big guestroom and the wall of the other side of our street looks at me as I look at it. Here: This ‘other side’, as everything else, is created by thoughts, and thoughts ...
IntuitiveFlow · 2M ago

281. The beauty of the cloud of anger

I have learned so much. I have painted so many paintings and read them. But I’m going to skip all of that and be current. I don’t like going back. The last two paintings are about being fasc...
IntuitiveFlow · 3M ago

280. Play, relish.

A lot of my stuff is still in the living room. Another collection is in the studio, in boxes, piled up seven layers, and on the floor everywhere. I still don’t have access to all my instrume...
IntuitiveFlow · 3M ago

279. What is this?

I skipped number 277 by mistake. I’ll keep this number for something in the future. And for now I’ll just continue with this entry. Describing a body Of a man, standing In profile But turnin...
IntuitiveFlow · 3M ago

278. Life can be woven differently

Life can be woven differently Time after time Time in time Different I cannot write about it Like trying to catch A fish with a net that has Too big holes.
IntuitiveFlow · 3M ago

276. A report on my condition

My studio is changing its face. It is the place where my new phase of life will be created. Not finished yet. I did a lot of physical work and felt good with it. Only the nerves in my feet s...
IntuitiveFlow · 4M ago

276. Can I teach my subconscious something new?

When I say the word HEALTHY, there is a rush of energy developing in my being, and moving through it to unknown depths. The same thing happens when I only think the word. If I do it a lot, a...