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Iola's Christian Reads · 3d ago

Review: Dark Deception by Nancy Mehl

Playing dead was harder than she ever could have imagined. Well, the first line certainly drew me in. Unfortunately, the rest of the novel didn’t live up to that early promise. After that ...
Iola's Christian Reads · 1w ago

Book Giveaway: Then There Was You by Kara Isaac

Introducing Then There Was You Kara Isaac is my favourite Kiwi Christian author … although Kiwi Christian authors is a very short list. So perhaps it’s better to say that she’s one of my fa...
Iola's Christian Reads · 1w ago

Book Review: Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter

Discovering Unconditional Love Noah Mitchell is less than impressed when he finds his ex-wife is actually still his wife—she forgot to file their divorce papers, so the divorce was never fi...
Iola's Christian Reads · 1W ago

I'm Reviewing Enemy Action by Mike Hollow at Suspense Sisters Reviews!

Today I'm visiting Suspense Sisters Reviews, to review Enemy Action by Mike Hollow. It's the third book in his Blitz Detective series, and now I want to read the first two. Click here to fin...
Iola's Christian Reads · 2W ago

ACRBA Tour and Review: Unnoticed by Amanda Deed

5 - 9 May 2017 Australian Christian Readers Blog Alliance is Introducing  Unnoticed (from Rhiza Press, 1 March, 2017) By  Amanda Deed About the Book: Plain Jane O’...
Iola's Christian Reads · 2W ago

I'm Reviewing Heart on the Line at Australasian Christian Writers!

Today I'm visiting Australasian Christian Writers, and reviewing Heart on the Line by Karen Witemeyer. Click here to join me!
Iola's Christian Reads · 2W ago

Book Review: Fatal Mistake by Susan Sleeman

He was coming for her, and he was close. Great opening line. Tara Parrish is visiting her aunt, and checks the outbuilding Aunt June rents to Oren Keeler, Tara’s childhood friend. Only the ...
Iola's Christian Reads · 3W ago

Book Review: Time Sniffers by CS Lakin

A YA Sci-Fi Adventure Romp that Delivers A great first line. The first-person narrator is Bria, a science geek who is the daughter of two scientists—Dad designs parts for the Mars Rover (...
Iola's Christian Reads · 1M ago

I'm Reviewing Weaver's Needle at Suspense Sisters Reviews!

I'm reviewing Weaver's Needle by Robin Carrol at Suspense Sisters Reviews. Click here to join me!
Iola's Christian Reads · 4W ago

Book Review: All of You by Sarah Monzon

Great Dual-Timeline Story! All of You is book two in Sarah Monzon’s Carrington Family series, following Finders Keepers. I haven’t read the first book, but it didn’t matter—this worked well...