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its my life · 1M ago

Can I

Can I hold you for a minuteAs you entwine your fingers into mineGrab your shirt closerAs you arm around my waistSniff your shaved chinAs you caress my faceCan I pout near your lipsAs you bre...
its my life · 1M ago

Truly deeply

I sit at this threshold ofNot  knowing whether We would be us again
its my life · 2M ago


My eyes are testimonyOf all that is between usYour beholderHappy 2017 everyone
its my life · 3M ago

A beautiful beginning

Your smilecrisscrossed my effortsOf starting a  conversation#Revelation
its my life · 3M ago


A flash of wordsA taint in heartAwareness about the worldA fateful maskHard to convinceBuried tearsNo choice leftJust dragging along the path
its my life · 3M ago

The times

It has not been easyMay be never willThe caricatures draw themselvesIn drops of pain stillPlastered in all whiteThey are being drilledCoded in grey almost getting killedMay be it is timeAnd ...
its my life · 3M ago


Wish this ink could splatterOn his crisp coatThat is the cause for such malice aroundAll in the name of being brave~ revolution sight
its my life · 3M ago

The wordless word

The wordless word between usIs a mystery in itselfWe both relate to itBut view it differentlyI walk into its closet each dayAnd you walk out from itIt is become my reason, my livingFor you i...
its my life · 3M ago

Through the pores of the sand

Like a flash of water,You drenched meWanting me more of youI sailed in your ocean of loveVoyaging through moments anewThen, why dear did you love me  soThat you threw me off in the midst of ...
its my life · 3M ago

Happy invite

Smile brings joywithout any invitationIt doesn't confine toYour regards only