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its my life · 1W ago

What purpose do we serve

what purpose do I serveby eating off the wedges of many heartsliving in a self centered lifeoscillating my thoughtsto a world of my ownwhere there is no place for sharing or givingbut expect...
its my life · 1W ago

Chord of life

Wearing a striped shirtShe draws parallel to live anewWith pink hues that blush on her cheeksAs looks forward to meet her dear one who stands parallel across the platform
its my life · 1W ago

Writing Phase

A melange of words goes forthInto  innocent dreams    
its my life · 1W ago

Crossing the bridge

Just a simple writer or poetMay not use high vocabularyStill tries to....Rambled ...echoing  thoughtsNot a short or long poemNon judgemental about the no of words or linesBut letting the ink...
its my life · 1W ago


The halo-ed sun  that pierces on his creased foreheadEvery morning as he carries the heavy burdenOf hunger, survival and dreams on his fragile shouldersdoes not guarantee a drop of water
its my life · 1W ago

Indian Woman

The tinkle of the banglesThe smear of the sindoorThe charisma of the kohled eyesThe speck of blush on the cheeksThe demeanour vision of the bindiA vivacious smile that runs through her faceA...
its my life · 1W ago

Behind the scenes

Empty streetsLead to homesCrowded mindsUnlimited dreamz
its my life · 1W ago

Mocha effect

Sipping a cup of mochaSimmers down my anxietiesAnd activates my reflectionsbrewing inside the aromaand intoxicating my soulfor my lover knows me best
its my life · 1W ago


The neon lightsDo not deflectthe mad rushthat Audi haswith its head light on   
its my life · 2W ago


Neatly stacked booksLabelled with the best selling titlesGrab the attention now of early chirpiesWho  visit the lonely lanes of a library