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It's Personal · 15h ago

Hanover Maryland Businesses on FB, More Features

I have been working on several enhancements to the Hanover Maryland Businesses Page on Facebook.
It's Personal · 5d ago

Spring 2017 Plants, Indoor & Out...

Years ago [about 17 or so], my niece and I created the house plant arrangement discussed in this
It's Personal · 1W ago

Spring 2017 Hair

Recently, I have been out and about shooting video with my new camcorder. Mainly, trying to become more expert at...
It's Personal · 3W ago

Old Music & iTunes

All day, I have been updating my iTunes Library with old CDs from my extensive collection.
It's Personal · 1M ago

Canon Vixia Camcorder

Finally ordered a camcorder. The final decision came down to these two: Canon Vixia HF R700...
It's Personal · 1M ago

My Resume [Long Version]
It's Personal · 1M ago

Digital Video Cameras, What Do I Really Need?

I have been researching digital video camera options, and recently added two new cameras to my resources. ...
It's Personal · 1M ago

Paying Bills, Ordering, Social Media Posts

A few years ago, I wondered what I would do with an iPad or Android. I need power for...
It's Personal · 1M ago


Last Friday, I finally had news about my state taxes, that I am not sure about nor pleased with. My...
It's Personal · 2M ago

Apple iPhone 7

Sunday, my Mother had to get a new cell phone. What did she get? Apple's iPhone 7....