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Itsabouttimeteachers It's about time teachers shared their talents and ideas.
Itsabouttimeteachers · 1M ago

It's About Time for Some Monster Love!

Children love monsters.Monsters love synonyms.Therefore, children love synonyms!At least they will when you set up this literacy center:
Itsabouttimeteachers · 2M ago

It's About Time for Valentine's Day Parties

It's About Time, Teachers for Valentine's Day Parties!The class party for Valentine's Day is my absolute favorite party of the year.  That's because I have my students create their own treat...
Itsabouttimeteachers · 2M ago

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

It's about time, teachers, for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!MLK, Jr. Day is Jan. 15.   Do you need resources for it?  Try this one; it's FREE!This FREE poetry unit provides 3 poems about Dr. ...
Itsabouttimeteachers · 4M ago

The Great $1 Word Challenge

This is one of the best teaching challenges I have ever used!  Year after year my students beg to do this and they have a voracious appetite for it.  Such enthusiasm warms my teacher's heart...
Itsabouttimeteachers · 4M ago

Collaborative Boards for Teachers

I have 13 boards that are open to new collaborators.  It's easy to join.  Just follow the board(s) and/or me.  The send me an email with your Pinterest profile name and the board(s) you wish...
Itsabouttimeteachers · 4M ago

Teacher Treats

It's About Time for Hallowe'en, Teachers!And, this weekend, all the treats are for you!No tricks; these 5 products are FREE this weekend, 10/27 - 10/29.
Itsabouttimeteachers · 5M ago

It's Pumpkin Time!

It's the pumpkin time of year!So I decided to get in on the fun!  This weekend, 9/29 - 10/1/17, I'm offering my pumpkin resources for FREE!
Itsabouttimeteachers · 6M ago

It's a WOW Weekend!

It's about time, teachers, for a WOW Weekend!What's a WOW Weekend? Quite simply, it's a weekend that offers you some fantastic FREEBIES!!This weekend offers you any of my math word wall prod...
Itsabouttimeteachers · 6M ago

Labor Day Sale!!!

Not only are these bundles half price, but they are growing bundles!  When you buy a growing bundle, you will get all additions to the bundle for FREE!  You just need to download the product...
Itsabouttimeteachers · 7M ago

Sneak into a New School Year!

It's about time, teachers, to go back to school. Sneak into a New School Year by having a Sneaker Day! Invite your students to wear sneakers, then fill the day with math, writing, art, and g...