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IzzyBlog™ I draw one new thing every day.

English - Game, Drawing, Anime
IzzyBlog™ · 12h ago


Goofy-looking water birds
IzzyBlog™ · 21h ago


Had a bit of Wacom driver trouble tonight so have a quickie sketch
IzzyBlog™ · 1d ago

How budgies eat pellets

Some of the pellets end up as crumbles in the cage or on the floor. Birds are such messy eaters. :(
IzzyBlog™ · 2d ago

Judge Dredd

This is his happy face
IzzyBlog™ · 4d ago


Glowy eyes in a dark cave? noooope
IzzyBlog™ · 5d ago

Millet Stretchy Eat No Jutsu

Dennis’ signature millet-eating technique
IzzyBlog™ · 6d ago

Indian Ringneck

The most polite of the parrots
IzzyBlog™ · 1w ago


It is the manly thing to do
IzzyBlog™ · 1W ago


They’re jerks
IzzyBlog™ · 1W ago


You can use it for anything