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IzzyBlog™ I draw one new thing every day.

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IzzyBlog™ · 1h ago


IzzyBlog™ · 1d ago

Budgie Sockpuppet

As soon as that sock moves the real budgie will be running for the hills
IzzyBlog™ · 2d ago

Potoo wizard

It specializes in daze/confuse magic
IzzyBlog™ · 3d ago


Wipe your dirty feet real good, else the carpet inside will be cross with you
IzzyBlog™ · 4d ago

Happy B-day Mary!

It’s Mary’s birthday, why not have a budgie in a birthday hat
IzzyBlog™ · 5d ago


Dennis will perform great acrobatics to avoid standing in sunbeams
IzzyBlog™ · 6d ago

Tennis ball vs fat bird

Which one is more bouncy
IzzyBlog™ · 1w ago


Haha candle puns
IzzyBlog™ · 1W ago

King Birb

Talkin about the distribution of millets
IzzyBlog™ · 1W ago


There’s spiders in that cave SO BIG that if you kill one it drops a magic item