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Gyanban The risk in being outstanding is that you risk standing out.

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Gyanban · 5d ago

52 Seconds of Patriotism : Freedom Sales.

52 seconds of Patriotism and the Freedom from it.
Gyanban · 1W ago

The 20% Rule

Over estimating is bad , but under-estimating is worse.
Gyanban · 2W ago

Dunkirk : A View

Yet another WWII epic drama, old gun in a new casket.
Gyanban · 1M ago

The Great Indian Flimsy Awards

Welcome to the Great Indian Flimsy Awards.
Gyanban · 1M ago

Jagga Jasoos : A View

Think of a fairly tale come alive. Exotic locales, picture perfect long shots and a light weight feel good musical. It has adventure, think Shikari Shambhu, it has emotion , think Tinkle, it...
Gyanban · 1M ago

F&F : Firing & Fairness

Morning never shows the day...
Gyanban · 1M ago

Breaking News : Peace Alert

let there be peace, it works.
Gyanban · 2M ago

Champions Trophy 2017 Final

The biggest final in sporting history, has the biggest loss to the most favorites!
Gyanban · 2M ago

Climate Change Parenting

Climate Change is like parenting a child, would you risk mishandling it?
Gyanban · 2M ago

Analysis of a Viral Post

Its not often you get  a chance to be viewed a million times, liked five thousand times and commented about four hundred times. And for me it was a first! Here are observations :