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Gyanban The risk in being outstanding is that you risk standing out.

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Gyanban · 1W ago


Every word uttered has an unequal and opposite troll.
Gyanban · 3W ago

Shockingly News

Shock sells, sanity yawns. We induced it,now pay a price for it.
Gyanban · 1M ago

Parental Paradox

What you teach your child, could teach you how to think.
Gyanban · 2M ago

Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks are more common than you can imagine.
Gyanban · 2M ago

20/20 Temptations

So the next time you doubt yourself to become great, remember to count the number of times you said, “its impossible” before getting to that point of a roadblock. As the world jumps into mak...
Gyanban · 2M ago

2017 :Immediate Reality

Change while you can.
Gyanban · 4M ago

Impersonally Yours

Asking personal questions in an interview is often misread as asking personal interview questions!
Gyanban · 5M ago

Secret Superstar : A View

The secret is out, and there is not much to write home about.
Gyanban · 5M ago

Case of Perception vs Talwars

Trial by perception, acquitted by reality.
Gyanban · 5M ago

Think Ahead

When the going gets tough, make the most of it.