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JacquiMalpass · 3d ago

6 reasons why you should never write a book

Last night a Facebook thread popped up about why were so many people being encouraged to write a book by so called gurus. With my curiosity piqued, I read through the thread of disparaging r...
JacquiMalpass · 1W ago

Blogging for small business (presentation and video) Costa Women IWD 2017

Today I attended the Costa Women International Women’s Day conference in Marbella and delivered a short presentation about blogging for small business. This article is a resource for the Cos...
JacquiMalpass · 2W ago

Writing inspiration #10

JacquiMalpass · 2W ago

Writing inspiration #8 – authentic writing

JacquiMalpass · 3W ago

Writing inspiration #6 – write like no one is watching

I love that saying ‘dance like no one is watching.’ It’s a philosophy that I carry through to my writing. Because, no one is watching and I only have to share what I wish to share and that h...
JacquiMalpass · 1M ago

Getting connected to your book – craft the book blurb

Writing the back blurb – your book’s description has to be one of the hardest things for an author to do. You’ve written your book and now that seems like it was the easy part. Now you have ...
JacquiMalpass · 1M ago

Who is your ideal reader, are they head, heart or intuitive?

There are many ways to discover your ideal reader. Let’s first consider the two usual routes that we might go down. And then we’ll look at the head, heart and intuitive approach. You can con...
JacquiMalpass · 1M ago

Getting connected to writing your non-fiction book – why are you writing it?

Why are you writing your book? There are many reasons to write a book. It’s important that before you start you know why YOU want to write it (see the last point that says you just may want ...
JacquiMalpass · 1M ago

Getting connected to your non-fiction book. What is your books what?

You’ve decided to write a book and you are feeling all shy and not sure what to tell anyone about it, when out of left field a friend discovers that you are about to pen something. ‘So, what...
JacquiMalpass · 1M ago

Getting connected to writing your non-fiction book – step 1

One of the best ways to get connected to writing your book is to try this fun and very simple exercise. Try to not think too much, just write. You know that you have a book inside of you, it...