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James Osborne Novels · 1W ago

Magnificent Humility: Tales of Two Heroes

These stories are about two war heroes, but not just about the actions that made them heroes. The stories are also about the extraordinary lives and personalities behind their heroism. … Con...
James Osborne Novels · 2W ago

It’s a Winner!

Wow! Still more good news. My novel “The Maidstone Conspiracy” has won the McGrath House Indie book award for best Contemporary Fiction. London-based McGrath House issued the announcement a ...
James Osborne Novels · 1M ago

Rein of Error

I wanted to stay home that day. So did my big sister. Our mother had other ideas. Minutes later, Carol and I were outside in the early morning darkness battling … Continue reading →
James Osborne Novels · 2M ago

How Good Is That?

  Something good just happened! Received word this morning that one of my novels has been chosen as a finalist for an award. The Maidstone Conspiracy is among five other … Continue reading →
James Osborne Novels · 2M ago

LIMITLESS – A Very Special Project

I’m pleased to announce that two of my short stories are about to be published in a very special international anthology due for release on October 31. What makes this … Continue reading →
James Osborne Novels · 3M ago

The Ultimate Threat

The Ultimate Threat The Ultimate Threat tells it like it is... a chilling look at the senseless brutality of religious extremists... and a compassionate exposé of the horrendous sufferi...
James Osborne Novels · 6M ago

Motherhood… Full of Surprises

“Did I ever tell you a horse once tried to eat Mom’s car?” David asked. “C’mon, my love!” Rosemary laughed. “I may not know much about ranching, but I don’t buy that. Horses eat … Continue r...
James Osborne Novels · 6M ago

Close Quarters

  My friend Graham is an unusual fellow. He’s blessed with that rare ability to think instinctively outside the box. This talent played an unconventional role after his elderly mother became...
James Osborne Novels · 7M ago

We Were Made for These Times*

Below is an excerpt from an essay by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, a therapist and writer, offering welcome steadying thoughts amidst our turbulent global environment. My friends do not lose h...
James Osborne Novels · 8M ago

Giveaway Time!

As the carnies say, “Come and Get It!!!” This is  your opportunity to get a personalized signed copy of my novel The Ultimate Threat, absolutely free. Why? Lots of good reasons: First, today...