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Jamie's Blog · 11h ago

10.18.17after 8.15am

Today KJ makes a home visit after 8.30 then I'm meeting hics at Boston bowl :)
Jamie's Blog · 2d ago

10.16.17 after 7.10pm

I don't know how to react to being told a nurse is gonna visit Monday then dosn't,no call,nothing! It's really no big deal but I'm living with a severe brain injury and I try to be ready for...
Jamie's Blog · 2d ago

10.16.17 around 9am

I thought I was gonna be without power today cause they were gonna be working on the system but not yet! I never got a call from a nurse last night so I've gutta think she's not showing. I t...
Jamie's Blog · 2d ago


I was told Monday by the nurse who came over that she would be back on Monday.I asked will I get a call Sunday night confirming this?She said I would! No call nothing tonight, puts me in lim...
Jamie's Blog · 3d ago

10.14.17 around 9pm

Guess I haven't blogged for a bit,mainly cause I've been a little busy and frustraited! I got emencely frustraited yesterday cause nurse was coming to visit! Monday I got a call Sunday night...
Jamie's Blog · 1w ago

10.11.17 after 1.30pm

A nurse came by this morning and she checked my vitals which of course were great! Then looked at my rug burns said they look good. Then wanted to see my corn and check my feet. I took off m...
Jamie's Blog · 1w ago

10.10.17 around 9pm

I've been to hics today and that was brain stimulating! I got a text earlier from the person who runs the studies at Spaulding rehab in Boston Ma. I had a difficult time processing the infom...
Jamie's Blog · 1W ago

10.8.17 after 7.45pm

Redsox win :)! They won BIG today! They gutta keep up this awsome hitting attack though! Price is earning his keep from the bullpen too :)!
Jamie's Blog · 1W ago

10.8.17 4.40pm

I know this is football Sunday but after franticly serching for the Pats game I googled New England Patriots and was reminded they played Thursday night! I'm telling you living with a brain ...
Jamie's Blog · 1W ago

10.8.17 after 11am

Sunday my day of rest! When your living with a traumatic brain injury there really in no day of rest though! I've got to focus hard on everything I'm doing to have a chance of being successf...