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Janet Carr @ · 2h ago

Review of my custom Van Der Spek A5 Codex Hobonichi Cousin Cover

  I have been in this  Red Janet Leather Van Der Spek A5 Codex cover for the Hobonichi Cousin for a number of months now and I am still loving it. As I have used it though, I have thought ab...
Janet Carr @ · 2h ago

Hobonichi 2018 Cousin and Mitsuhiko Sasao My Favourite Table Hobonichi Cousin Cover

I pre-ordered this a while back and it arrived last week. I am still in my red Van Der Spek Janet Leather Codex cover  and loving it, but the Cousin works out cheaper if you buy a cover and ...
Janet Carr @ · 1d ago

What age is ‘elderly’?

I was wondering how long it would take for there to be a special term for very elderly people now that we are living so much longer. Middle age is not what it used to be either!    
Janet Carr @ · 3d ago

Concrete vs. cement

Cement is part of concrete 🙂 Who knew?
Janet Carr @ · 2d ago

Icebreakers – another of my passions!

I am a South African living on the shores of a huge inland sea in Sweden. After 13 years I still find snow and ice absolutely and utterly fascinating and enchanting. I love watching the sea ...
Janet Carr @ · 2d ago


I was rather amused when I walked past this café the other day. It is an example of how the meaning of the word changes – even over short periods of time.   “Doxing” is a neologism that has ...
Janet Carr @ · 3d ago

I was NOT a fan of Santa…

Janet Carr @ · 3d ago

Location Location Location

Janet Carr @ · 4d ago

Boerboel, 1967

Rhodesian Army on patrol with Boerboel on Rhodesian/Mozambique border 1967.
Janet Carr @ · 4d ago

Paint me like one of your French girls…