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English - Filofaxes, Handbags, English
Janet Carr @ · 12h ago

Newspaper funnies…

Janet Carr @ · 16h ago

Ha ha!

Janet Carr @ · 17h ago

I love irony!

Janet Carr @ · 1d ago

This has always made me giggle!

Janet Carr @ · 1d ago


Janet Carr @ · 2d ago


The misuse of certain phrases in English is something that really gets my goat. Some examples: baited breath instead of bated breath here here instead of hear hear step foot instead of set f...
Janet Carr @ · 2d ago

Anyone need a smile today?

Janet Carr @ · 3d ago

Interesting ways of looking at things

Janet Carr @ · 3d ago

Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht

Man I love this dog! Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht, out of Middelpos Zoro (Welbekend Kojack x Nostras Oxo) x Pancer Tabitha (Piet Zyn Drift Ulli x GrootGeluk Catherina) is owned by Miriam Koopen ...
Janet Carr @ · 4d ago

Brain twister

Also, did you know that no word in the English language rhymes with orange?