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Janice Britz

Reads about: life, books, inspiration

Carrie Tucker

Reads about: life, health, social media, promoting, heart disease

Connie M Fink

Reads about: family, parenting, kids, crafts, giveaways

Julia Neiman

Reads about: spirituality, blogging, business, love, writing

Jim Hovendick

Reads about: photos, life, family, journal, miscellaneous

Agnes Shapiro Mom of five; grandma of 9.....Retired School Secretary; Avon Representative


Reads about: family, giveaways, reviews, jewelry, life

Retha Groenewald I am passionate about the Bible, a Christian and a blogger. I have two blogs, the one is dedicated t...

Reads about: blogging, christian, bible study, devotional, books

Roberta Budvietas

Reads about: marketing, business, life, technology, internet marketing

Veronica Campos-Hall...

Reads about: marketing, writing, blogging, life, family

Tambre Leighn Like many, my life has been a blend of challenges, successes, growth and learning. After & Before is...

Reads about: cancer, marketing, writing, blogging, life

Eleanor Ross

Reads about: life, law of attraction, newbie, business, marketing

Janine Defontaine Aussie red-head blogger who is passionate about writing, photography, travel, family, friends, her d...

Reads about: life, family, inspiration, travel, humor

Deone Higgs My name is Deeone Higgs, I'm a blogger who is leaving his pen print...or keystroke on the blogospher...

Reads about: life, writing, marketing, blogging, humor

Kathleen Begemann

Reads about: life, books, inspiration

Sandi Hayes

Reads about: writing, publishing, technology, life, blogging

Grig Luk

Reads about: life, books, kids, family, giveaways

Jyoti Mishra Jyoti Mishra is born and raised in Bhopal and graduated from Barkatullah University, Bhopal in Compu...

Reads about: poetry, life, thoughts, writing, love

Peggylee Hanson Indie Writer, Mentor, Speaker

Reads about: coaching, business, health, inspiration, dream achievement

Steve Rice I am a writer, speaker and entrepreneur. I am the author of "An Imperceptible Spark: Finding the Cou...

Reads about: inspiration, life, motivation, law of attraction, love

Amber Maus I'm a stay at home mom of 3 kids, and I work from home helping others achieve success!

Reads about: business, marketing, personal development, technology, network marketing

Rowena Bolo

Reads about: network marketing, mlm, internet marketing, personal development, social media

Cheryl Muecke

Reads about: christian, faith, life, marketing, purpose

Manesse Kenneth
Micro-Entrepreneur Specialist,Servant Style Leadership, Executive Coach, Executive Coach Trainer,...

Reads about: technology, life, marketing, blogging, work

Joe Cheray

Reads about: life, blogging, technology, online marketing, business

Hajra Khatoon

Reads about: life, family, fun, humour, networking

Lisa Johnson

Reads about: christianity, books, christian, writing, reviews

Pamela Gleason Mayna...

Reads about: writing, reviews, parenting, books, family

Audra Jennings

Reads about: books, christian, book reviews, christianity, reviews

Connie Ragen Green Connie Ragen Green is an author and speaker who works with new online entrepreneurs as they build a ...

Reads about: internet marketing, online marketing, marketing, writing, blogging

Pat Frank

Reads about: art, crafts, cardmaking, scrapbooking, life

Vicenta Devries

Reads about: family, travel, technology, life, parenting

Melanie Kindrachuk

Reads about: books, journaling, writing, reviews, life

Melanie Kissell

Reads about: marketing, social media, business, life, internet marketing

Roy A. Ackerman A polymath with experience and training in business, finance, management, engineering, medicine, and...

Reads about: business, marketing, technology, life, social media

Steve N Melody King

Reads about: books, writing, reviews, news, headlines

Martha Rodriguez

Reads about: books, picturebook, publishing, reviews, life

Karen Wasylowski

Reads about: books, life, family, culture, writing

Tisha Matthews Inspiration comes from God and the world around me. Anything you would want to know about I will sha...

Reads about: blogging, family, personal development, parenting, motherhood

Jennifer Ray Puckett

Reads about: technology, web design, life, family, blogging

Yvonne A Jones

Reads about: social media, marketing, internet marketing, blogging, business

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