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jbftimes · 17m ago

2017-10-26 - Thursday - Firing kiln

Thursday we fired the gas kiln. It was kept in reduction all day starting at cone 012 (~1582F), all the way up to cone 10 (~2345F). At the very end of the firing we do a "final soak" when we...
jbftimes · 13h ago

2017-10-25 - Wednesday - Scummy

While the glazed pots sat on the shelf overnight the soluble salts surfaced in the shino glaze in what we call "scumming up". The salt crystals trap the carbon during the reduction firing ma...
jbftimes · 1d ago

2017-10-24 - Tuesday - Glazing with friends

Tuesday I was glazing a bunch of pots and Ju-Ian stopped by to say hello on her way out. She asked me about my new mini tripod which is also a selfie stick. So...After she left I started my ...
jbftimes · 1d ago

2017-10-22 - Sunday - Greenville, SC

Sunday we went to Greenville, SC to visit Stephanie and Brett. While there we went to Falls Park on the Reedy. It's a beautiful park with a lot going on, not least of which is the Liberty Br...
jbftimes · 2d ago

2017-10-19 - Thursday - Raku

Thursday night is raku class night at Clayworks and when I arrived I saw Greg had the mobile stairs pulled up to the kiln so everyone could see inside. Good idea.Here's a short video showing...
jbftimes · 2d ago

2017-10-18 - Wednesday - Construction/destruction, orchids, and butter dishes

Wednesday I was getting gas at BJ's Wholesale Club and noticed that someone had removed all the trees across the street. There used to be a thick grove of trees where the open area is now. I...
jbftimes · 3d ago

2017-10-17 - Tuesday - Tea bowls

Tuesday I trimmed some of my tea bowls. I really enjoy making them and each series is different then the previous ones. I started out years ago with very stiff, formal-looking tea bowls. I d...
jbftimes · 6d ago

2017-10-14 - Saturday - CCM Pottery Festival

Saturday was the Carolina Clay Matters Fall Pottery Festival. During the day I took some time to try out some my phones photo settings."Phil", regular."Phil" with a blurred background.
jbftimes · 1W ago

2017-10-13 - Friday - New pots

Friday I photographed some new pots. You can see the whole batch here..
jbftimes · 1W ago

2017-10-12 - Thursday - Jars

After discussing the lids with Kira, I trimmed them down substantially. I need to work on my jar forms a bit more..