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jbftimes · 1h ago

2017-03-09 - Thursday - Refrigerator

Thursday our refrigerator arrived. We really like it but are a bit concerned that the right door is unable to open or close without the ice maker hitting the other door. I've tried adjusting...
jbftimes · 1d ago

2017-03-08 - Wednesday - Assembly

Wednesday night I started assembling the two-piece pot, which had two more pieces added as a rim. I'm not finished with it yet. We'll see where it goes from here..
jbftimes · 2d ago

2017-03-07 - Tuesday - Pots

Tuesday night I went to Clayworks and made some new pots.The two pieces on the left will go together, middle is a snorkel pot, and a textured pot on the right..
jbftimes · 3d ago

2017-03-06 - Monday - Mint Museum Tour

Monday Brian Gallagher gave the Delhom Service League a tour of the Delhom Collection's American Ceramics. Brian gave a great tour, as usual; full of interesting information about all the fa...
jbftimes · 4d ago

2017-03-05 - Sunday - Looking around

Sunday I was looking around in the yard. It's good to look around occasionally; it allows you to notice and appreciate things.The hostas are making their annual emergence, fragile, and new.T...
jbftimes · 5d ago

2017-03-04 - Saturday - Busy, busy, busy

Saturday was Muddy Fun day at Clayworks. As usual we had a nice group of students and volunteers.At the mid point of the class I usually sit down, finish something on the wheel and tell ever...
jbftimes · 6d ago

2017-03-03 - Friday - Refrigerator

We are replacing our ~27 year old refrigerator and because of that I cleaned off the old one. Without all the magnets and photos it looks like we already have a new one, albeit an almond one...
jbftimes · 1w ago

2017-03-02 - Thursday - Empty Bowls finished

The Empty Bowls came out of the kiln on Thursday and I was very happy with them.
jbftimes · 1W ago

2017-02-27 - Monday - Glazing

Monday I glazed the rest of the Empty Bowls. I did a lot of different processes on them and ended up the decoration with some fun doodles.Sanded.Waxed.
jbftimes · 1W ago

2017-02-24 - Friday - New tea bowl

The other night I saw John Britt holding one of these Robin Mackay tea bowls on Facebook and after I got my breath back, I clicked over to her website and ordered one. When I was ordering it...