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jbwye | BREATH OF AFRICA · 1d ago

Tea and Cakes

And a Book-signing to be fondly remembered. It’s almost like deja vu. Only this time I was a little bit wiser, and laid on home made cup cakes, duly decorated with African animals, made by m...
jbwye | BREATH OF AFRICA · 1W ago

Time to Re-start

Today is my birthday, and tomorrow is the book-signing of my third novel. Fifteen years ago the thought of becoming a fully-fledged author was an impossible dream, which I was encouraged to ...
jbwye | BREATH OF AFRICA · 4W ago

Today’s The Day!

Launch Day Is Here. Click on cover below to Buy My Book – and if you’re on Facebook, why not pop in to my party any time in the next twelve hours to partake in the festivities?
jbwye | BREATH OF AFRICA · 1M ago

Bursting With an Idea

Part 4: Starting Your Own Business. There are many types of businesses, some of them overlapping and interlinking, and as a generalist, I have met with an interesting variety of clients. My ...
jbwye | BREATH OF AFRICA · 1M ago


I always love it when my old friend Ailsa comes to stay. She is such an entertaining, amusing person. But her new book sounds more serious. I’ve just taken a peek at the Prologue, and realis...
jbwye | BREATH OF AFRICA · 2M ago

Our Good Ole NHS

There’ve been times, recently, when I have been tempted to write to the local press, denouncing all the frightening adverse publicity about our NHS. They have been absolutely wonderful to my...
jbwye | BREATH OF AFRICA · 2M ago

What Works For You?

Part 3. Starting Your Own Business. Before you can start building a Business Plan, you must, of course, have a definite idea of what your business is going to be. I am astounded at the diffe...
jbwye | BREATH OF AFRICA · 2M ago

Launch party for Never on a Saturday

Originally posted on The Bingergread Cottage: Hello Sue, Hello Guests! Thank you for inviting us over for your launch party. We wish this book as much success as all your other ones,which we...
jbwye | BREATH OF AFRICA · 2M ago

The Power of Dreaming

Are you the right sort of person to have your own business? Only you can answer that question. But here are some pointers to help towards a decision. Running your business is scary. It’s not...
jbwye | BREATH OF AFRICA · 2M ago

Mexico: the final solution

Originally posted on Tim's Blog: Here’s a bit of fun from Holmfirth Writer’s Group yesterday evening.  The starting point for our writing was a piece of paper on which were posted a selectio...