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JeffCo Gardener · 8M ago

Providing Water for Pollinators by Donna Duffy

Swallowtail drinking from a mud puddle, photo courtesy offset.comCreating a pollinator-friendly garden goes beyond providing pollinator-friendly plants. Pollinators need sources of water for...
JeffCo Gardener · 3d ago

Pollinator of the Week: Hawk (Sphinx) Moth by Donna Duffy

A giant hawk moth (Eumorpha typhon) adult. Image by Alfred University artist Joseph Scheer.This information is excerpted from an article by Steve Buchman, The Bee Works. You can read the ent...
JeffCo Gardener · 5d ago

On Earth Day, Commit to Protect Pollinators by Donna Duffy

Wool Carder Bee, photo courtesy Whitney CrenshawImagine living in a world without flowers, fruit, coffee or even chocolate for that matter. Thanks to the work of pollinators, much of the foo...
JeffCo Gardener · 1W ago

Pollinator of the Week: Halictid Bees by Donna Duffy

Sweat bee on wild rose,  photo courtesy LuRay Parker, Wyoming WildlifeIn honor of the upcoming National Pollinator Week (June 19-25), we are highlighting a different pollinator every week. T...
JeffCo Gardener · 1W ago

Gardening Power to the People (Video) —Myth Buster: Dressing a Wound from Pruning

If you are doing some spring pruning, don't bother with the wound dressings you will find at the garden centers! Save your money for plants! Trees don't need it.
JeffCo Gardener · 1Y ago

Easter Lily Lore and Care by Carol King

Photo Tufts UniversityIt’s Easter time and the ubiquitous Easter Lily is every where.  Did you ever wonder why we purchase these flowers at Easter time?  Historically speaking Easter lilies ...
JeffCo Gardener · 1W ago

Build a Bee Condo! By Donna Duffy

Bee house, photo courtesy National Wildlife  FederationIn anticipation of National Pollinator Week in June, you can invite native bees to your yard by providing a man-made nesting block or "...
JeffCo Gardener · 2W ago

Gardening Power to the People (Video): Growing Blueberries in Colorado

We can grow blueberries in Colorado. Pre-planning and knowledge of our soils will make your endeavor successful.
JeffCo Gardener · 1Y ago

The Challenge of Growing Blueberries in Colorado by Carol King

Photo Carol KingWho doesn't love a blueberry?  They are one of the super foods, filled with antioxidents.  These tiny, round blue-purple berries have long been attributed to the longevity an...
JeffCo Gardener · 2W ago

How To Plant A Tree (Video) by Carol O'Meara

Spring is the favorite time to plant trees. There are hundreds of trees at garden centers, big boxes, and give aways from cities and other tree planting promotions. Planting a tree is much...