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JeffCo Gardener · 2d ago

Martin Luther King Jr World Peace Rose Garden

Photo courtesy National Park ServiceThe International World Peace Rose Gardens program is a worldwide effort to help youth recognize the importance and value of peace. In March 1992, the Mar...
JeffCo Gardener · 3d ago

Easy Houseplants for Your Indoor Garden

January in Colorado is a tough time to be a gardener in Colorado. Having a collection of indoor plants is one way to assuage our desire to be in the garden. Dry furnace air and lack of sunsh...
JeffCo Gardener · 6d ago

Top 2018 New Year’s Resolutions for a Great Garden in Colorado by Carol King

Photo Wikipedia CommonsHaving a thriving garden in Colorado can be a challenge with our erratic, weather, water restrictions, and heavy clay soils.  However making these seven resolutions wi...
JeffCo Gardener · 1W ago

Book Review: “The Flower Farmer, an Organic Grower’s Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers” by Lynn Byczynski Reviewed by: Joyce D’Agostino

Did you know that the majority of fresh cut flowers sold through the floral industry come from outside of the United States? Often this means that the flowers coming into the US for the flor...
JeffCo Gardener · 1W ago

What are “Chill Hours” (and why is this important to my fruit trees?) By Joyce D’Agostino

Golden Delicious Apples, photo courtesy Stark Bro's NurseryIf you have fruit trees in your landscape, you may have noticed that some years the trees seem to produce abundantly, other years t...
JeffCo Gardener · 2W ago

Happy New Year 2018!

Great advice for all the gardeners out there. Happy New Gardening Year!
JeffCo Gardener · 2W ago

Keeping Your Poinsettia Alive for Another Christmas

Keeping your poinsettia alive for next season is actually pretty easy. Here are three great tips for doing just that from Organic Life Magazine.It can live for more than one season: https://...
JeffCo Gardener · 1M ago

Christmas Tree Disposal by Carol King

Bottle Tree photo by Carol KingIf you used a cut tree for your Christmas tree, chances are you are now trying to deal with disposal! There’s always the landfill of course; most trash compani...
JeffCo Gardener · 3W ago

Merry Christmas 2017!

JeffCo Gardener · 3W ago

Winter Solstice 2017!

Photo Sage GoddessIt feels like the days just can’t get any shorter, and it’s true. Today we celebrate the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. The 2017 December Solstice (Winter S...