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JeffCo Gardener · 1d ago

Planting Pansies and Violas by Carol King

It's not too early to start adding color to your yard.  Plant pansies and violas now. They are hardy little flowers and don't mind a late snow! The video talks about planting in the fall, bu...
JeffCo Gardener · 1Y ago

The Spring or Vernal Equinox by Carol King

Photo www.almanac.comThe first day of Spring brings joy to every gardener’s heart marking the beginning of the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the unofficial opening of the n...
JeffCo Gardener · 4d ago

Get Your Soil Test Before You Start Planting by Donna Duffy

JeffCo Gardener · 5d ago

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Photo courtesy
JeffCo Gardener · 1w ago

History of the Irish Shamrock by Carol King

Photo courtesy CSUThe Irish shamrock (Irish: seamrog) is the most recognized symbol of the Irish. It has been symbolic of many things through the years. It was considered to be a sacred plan...
JeffCo Gardener · 1W ago

Choosing the Best Seed for Your Vegetable and Flower Garden by Joyce D’Agostino

Early Tomato "Glacier",  photo courtesy territorialseed.comBy now many of you have been receiving seed and plant catalogues in the mail and the retail stores have racks of seeds beaconing yo...
JeffCo Gardener · 1W ago

Get A Head Start on Yellowjacket Control by Carol King

Yellowjacket photo by Whitney CranshawI noticed wasps are waking up from their winter naps, which made me think of that old meanie, the yellowjacket.  Yellowjackets can be controlled to some...
JeffCo Gardener · 1Y ago

Not So Fast! Gardening Tips for Late Winter by Donna Duffy

Pulsatilla patens (Pasque flower) Yes, it does feel a bit like Spring outside. And yes, there are signs of life in your yard and garden. As tempting as it is, don’t go full-force into your g...
JeffCo Gardener · 3W ago

Create Your Own Apple Tree by Mari Hackbarth

1909 Illustration of a "Colorado Orange" Apple,  USDAWhat kind of apple trees do you think Johnny Appleseed planted as he sowed swaths of seeds to establish orchards across the Midwest?  It ...
JeffCo Gardener · 4W ago

Tulips Emerging Early by Donna Duffy

Late season tulips emerging in February, photo by Donna DuffyThis recent surge of warm weather has created conditions for some spring-blooming bulbs to emerge early. You’ve probably noticed ...