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Jenn Nixon's Blog · 1d ago

Cover Reveal - Jax Starlight #YA #Superhero #SciFi

My next release is an Origin Story Novella for my Young Adult Superhero character Jax Starlight. I think of it as a reverse Superman type of story. She's human and crashes on an alien world ...
Jenn Nixon's Blog · 1W ago

An education through #documentaries - #History #Food & #Science oh my!

I was a decent student during my school years. In High School, I found it easier to be "friends" with my teachers than most of the kids because, well, teenagers. I didn't have a firm grasp o...
Jenn Nixon's Blog · 3W ago

Win $100 Giftcard! - SFR Author #Giveaway

WOW!!This is one of the biggest prizes I've seen in a while! Want to win a $100 Giftcard from Amazon or Barnes and Noble?All you have to do is visit this link to enter!! https://www.prizesfo...
Jenn Nixon's Blog · 4W ago

Why does everything feel so much harder these days?

 I was better off in my 20s.I honestly never thought I would say that, but sadly it's true. Everything about my life right now is harder than it was fifteen + years ago, including paying my ...
Jenn Nixon's Blog · 1M ago

On Sale Now! #ThatNewsGuy - #Romance #NewsJunkies #NewRelease

ON SALE NOW!#ThatNewsGuy is my new Contemporary Romance. I'm calling it a #DadBodRomance featuring Reporter Trapper Del rio and Smoothie Nutritionist Jessica Buckley. This is my first non-su...
Jenn Nixon's Blog · 1M ago

This world makes me sad.

I'm not going to write about the most recent episode of gun violence. Everyone knows what happened. I'm not going to write about all the sexual and domestic violence. Everyone knows what hap...
Jenn Nixon's Blog · 1M ago

I know, I've been a bad blogger.

Sorry I haven't posted a TV Blog lately. I've been a little blah the past few months. Something I go through every once in a while. Maybe I have that seasonal depression, who knows. I have m...
Jenn Nixon's Blog · 1M ago

#ThatNewsGuy #Preorder #Giveaway

Want to win even more prizes for supporting my art? Enter now for your chance to win!!
Jenn Nixon's Blog · 1M ago

#ThatNewsGuy Cover Reveal! #Romance

My next release is a Contemporary Romantic Comedy! That's right, a straight-up Romance book. I've been a news junkie for about 20+ years now. I've had this story in my head for a while and a...
Jenn Nixon's Blog · 3M ago

#Freebie, Sales, & New Release - #MIND: The Fracture is here!

To celebrate the new release of MIND: The Fracture, I have a Freebie and a couple of sales for you!!The MIND Series had a rocky start. My original publisher for the series had some behind th...