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Jenny Redbug On writing, books, and life on a sailboat

English - Writing, Editing, Sailing
Jenny Redbug · 1M ago

You're So Cute When You're Mad!" #BOAW2018

This post is part of The Beauty of a Woman BlogFest VII! To read more entries, and potentially win a fun prize, visit the fest page (link this to
Jenny Redbug · 2M ago

Getting Ready for SCWC...It's Almost Time!

Yes, it's February and less than a week until the Southern California Writers Conference here in San Diego.  I lalways ook forward to President's Day weekend with great expectations, knowing...
Jenny Redbug · 3M ago

SCWC & the Sunriver Writers' Summit in May

I've written quite a few blog posts regarding my favorite writers conference, the Southern California Writers Conference (SCWC), and why attending this excellent conference is so important f...
Jenny Redbug · 4M ago

Five Books I Read in 2017—and Recommend

It’s time for me to list five books I loved in 2017. As always, I leave off the bestsellers—the ten titles you’ve read about ten times in the last ten weeks of top ten books lists. I tried t...
Jenny Redbug · 5M ago

It All Worked Out in the End

One of the best things that can happen to an editor is seeing their clients' books win over readers and get great reviews. That matters as much as book awards—though those are awfully nice, ...
Jenny Redbug · 7M ago

"Up and Autumn," Everyone!

What happened to August? I seem to have missed a month, somewhere. Family issues and losses abounded, none of them easy to handle. So, that's my excuse.Luckily, September follows August and ...
Jenny Redbug · 9M ago

Vacation Brain Strikes Back, and Some Tips on Transitions.

Yes, I've been on vacation—actually two mini vacations, separated by a stressful week dealing with a family member in crisis. Now I'm back home and my "hard earned" calm from a couple of day...
Jenny Redbug · 10M ago

Recap of the SDBAA Awards (with winners and links)

Last week, the San Diego Book Awards Association presented their awards at the Sheraton in La Jolla. There were no SDBAA awards given out last year, due to the passing of Chet Cunningham, so...
Jenny Redbug · 11M ago

The San Diego Book Awards Nominees

Jenny Redbug · 1Y ago

Blazing a Trail and Blazing Laptops

I think all artists owe two things to society. One is doing their art, and the other is sharing their knowledge and expertise with the world. (Of course, it is nice if they get to share thei...