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Jill James Writes · 5d ago

Giant Book Fair – Romantic Times Convention

I’ll be signing my Time of Zombies series on Saturday, May 19th at the Giant Book Fair Romantic Times Convention Peppermill Resort and Spa 2707 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 10:30 am to 2:00 pm Co...
Jill James Writes · 1W ago

Romantic Times Convention 2018

This year, RT is in my backyard–Reno. I couldn’t miss a conference that was close enough to sleep in my own bed each night. I will try to post a few pictures each day. If you want to follow,...
Jill James Writes · 1M ago

Recent Read

Just finished Wave of Terror by Jon Jefferson. It had action. It had adventure. It had romance. And best of all…it had Princess Bride movie references! To be honest, it did start a little sl...
Jill James Writes · 1M ago

Spring has arrived

Kind of. Sort of. Maybe?!!
Jill James Writes · 1M ago

Play Ball!

Do you like to go to sporting events? Who is your favorite team?
Jill James Writes · 1M ago

A Snow Day

Brainy Grandson came for a visit and got a snow day.
Jill James Writes · 1M ago

Grandchildren are the reward

for not killing your children. LOL 🙂 This post will be short because Brainy Grandson is visiting this week. He hasn’t seen our new house yet and he hasn’t been to Reno, so this should be a f...
Jill James Writes · 2M ago

Nice surprise this morning.

I used the promo in Kindle Select to make my book free for a couple of days to get it into some readers’ hands. This is what I saw this morning; Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #5,365 Free in Kind...
Jill James Writes · 2M ago

Do you believe in ghosts?

I do. The husband is a skeptic, but I’ve seen them and I’ve heard them. In our old house I would get the dark forms in corners and random door shutting sounds. It had an overall feeling to t...
Jill James Writes · 2M ago

New Release – Ghostly Intentions

Didn’t get picked for Kindle Scout 😦 Decided to release book on my own. 🙂 Ghostly Intentions Book 1, Ghost Releasers, Inc. is available on Amazon and for FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Check it o...