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Jill James Writes · 1d ago

Do you believe in ghosts?

I do. The husband is a skeptic, but I’ve seen them and I’ve heard them. In our old house I would get the dark forms in corners and random door shutting sounds. It had an overall feeling to t...
Jill James Writes · 1W ago

New Release – Ghostly Intentions

Didn’t get picked for Kindle Scout 😦 Decided to release book on my own. 🙂 Ghostly Intentions Book 1, Ghost Releasers, Inc. is available on Amazon and for FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Check it o...
Jill James Writes · 4W ago

Just a couple of days left – Kindle Scout

Getting down to the finish line! Just a couple of days left for nominations. Remember — all nominators get a free copy if I get picked for publication!! Click HERE to nominate Ghostly Intent...
Jill James Writes · 1M ago

Just a Week Left – Kindle Scout

That’s right! Just one week left to nominate Ghostly Intentions, Book 1 of the Ghost Releasers, Inc. series. Just click the pic to nominate me today! Thanks, Jill James Advertisements
Jill James Writes · 1M ago

Time is Running Out – Please nominate now!

Just letting everyone know that Ghostly Intentions is still in Kindle Scout with just two weeks left to get nominations. If you nominate me and it gets picked for publication — you get a fre...
Jill James Writes · 1M ago

Kindle Scout – 23 days left

Chugging along with my Kindle Scout experience. Sharing the nifty video trailer from Author Shout. Hope you go to Kindle Scout and read the excerpt and give Ghostly Intentions a chance! Jill...
Jill James Writes · 1M ago

Participating in Kindle Scout

What is Kindle Scout, you may ask? KS is part of Amazon. It is reader fueled publishing. Authors put their books into the program, readers nominated their favorite books, and if the book get...
Jill James Writes · 1M ago

Murphy Bed, Take Two

The Murphy bed is done and looks gorgeous. Love how it is against the wall, but will be available for guests. The installer came back and took it all down and put it back up and it is perfec...
Jill James Writes · 2M ago

Murphy Bed — Murphy’s Law

Today’s post was going to be all about the Murphy bed in my office, with pictures. Nope! Murphy’s Law in fine fetter today. The measurements are wrong somewhere, so they will have to return ...
Jill James Writes · 2M ago

They Can’t All Be Bad Years

Happy New Year to all!!! We happens every coming of the new year. Memes and posts abound of the terrible year it was and we can’t wait to kick it to the curb. The new year must be brighter, ...