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Jill James Writes · 1d ago

Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Her business musings are priceless. This one is definitely a must-read for writers. Jill James, off to get the wordage on ...
Jill James Writes · 3d ago

Authors Love Reviews

Yes, even 1 and 2 stars ones. Why? Because it means someone is reading our books. Even if they didn’t like them, they read them. We can’t operate in a vacuum. We need to know what is resonat...
Jill James Writes · 1W ago

Nanowrimo – Day 7

A little tidbit from the current WIP, or otherwise known as Nanowrimo project. Andrea Martin-Stovall didn’t feel like herself this morning. Hadn’t felt like herself for weeks. An unknown voi...
Jill James Writes · 2W ago

National Novel Writing Month 2017

Yes, I have signed up for the insanity again!! I finished Ghostly Intentions a few days before Halloween and I’m starting Ghostly Deceptions for Nanowrimo 2017. Who’s with me???!!! Jill Jame...
Jill James Writes · 2W ago

The More You Know

Just like the commercials, knowledge is power. Writers can NOT live in their writing caves thinking that writing the book is all they need to worry about. Check out the latest from Kristine ...
Jill James Writes · 1M ago

Waking Up for Christmas

I’m releasing my Christmas book from last year’s boxed set since the new boxed set is Coming Soon! Waking Up for Christmas is the love story of Darcy and Chase Christmas is the time for wish...
Jill James Writes · 1M ago

Christmas Babies on Main Street

Our newest boxed set is now available for preorder on Amazon. It will also be on Kindle Unlimited. Christmas Babies on Main Street are clean and wholesome holiday tales with love, babies, an...
Jill James Writes · 1M ago

What is an auto-buy author?

It is an author who you buy their next book without reading the blurb, without caring what the story is about. They promise a great read and deliver. I have some authors I buy as soon as the...
Jill James Writes · 1M ago

Banned Books Week – 2017

It’s that time of year again. A reminder to Read a Banned Book. Filed under: On The Internet Tagged: banned books, banned books week, jill james, reading, rights
Jill James Writes · 3M ago

Win a Zombie Survival Kit!!

Do you think you could survive the zombie apocalypse? Here is a kit to up your odds of survival. With a group of zombie authors, we are having a contest for a chance to win this awesome kit!...