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John Redwood's Diary · 4h ago

Additional UK government borrowing continues to reduce

The latest figures for UK government borrowing show it ended the most recent financial year to March at £52 bn, a little below the March 2016 forecast. It confirms that the UK economy has do...
John Redwood's Diary · 18h ago

Letter to Marks and Spencers

I am following up my questions to you about the possible closure of the Wokingham store after hearing the views of more of my constituents.  There is a general feeling amongst those interest...
John Redwood's Diary · 20h ago

Postings to this site

Some people are sending in far too many posts each day, and some are still sending in very long posts. This is an exceptionally busy time with Parliament trying to complete necessary busines...
John Redwood's Diary · 1d ago

The French election

We all mourn the death of a policeman in Paris. I send my condolences to his family. The untimely death shortened the political campaigning, but could not derail the election. Last  week-end...
John Redwood's Diary · 2d ago

US tax cuts – saving Speaker Ryan

I had the pleasure of hearing Speaker Ryan of the US House of Representatives when he was in London last week talking about the new Administration’s strategy. He came across as able, engagin...
John Redwood's Diary · 2d ago

Happy St George’s day

Today we celebrate England’s day. We remember our greatest  dramatist and poet, William Shakespeare, who was  born and died  on or about this day. I wish you all  a happy April 23rd.
John Redwood's Diary · 3d ago

Deficit reduction and EU rules

In a recent debate in the Commons the UK government presented its report to the EU over the UK’s progress in meeting the debt and deficit rules of the EU Treaties. Every year the Uk has to r...
John Redwood's Diary · 1W ago

The government’s approach to making working more worthwhile for families

I have been sent a reminder of changes coming in this April.   We want to support people in work, as well as ensure the welfare system works as a safety net for those who need it. The measur...
John Redwood's Diary · 4d ago

School money and class sizes

All UK parties have been keen to get class sizes down in state schools. Yesterday Labour decided to make an issue of this, forgetting that class sizes have risen quite a lot in Wales where t...
John Redwood's Diary · 4d ago

Proposed closure of Marks and Spencer in Wokingham

I have been notified of a plan for the possible  closure the Wokingham store, following consultation with staff who will be offered jobs in  neighbouring stores. I have written back to Marks...