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John Redwood's Diary · 13m ago

The EU seems intent on No deal

The EU decided to reject the proposed UK/EU partnership they think the UK wants before the PM has even set it out! It was further evidence that the EU either does not want a deal or thinks t...
John Redwood's Diary · 5h ago

The UK as a leader for free trade

Most people in the UK want us to promote more free trade, not introduce new barriers. If this can be done fairly, with reductions in barriers on both sides, it will help boost our prosperity...
John Redwood's Diary · 1d ago

Restoring our fish and farms

Once we leave the EU we can take back control of our fishery. There have been many EU policies damaging to jobs and incomes for the UK But none more consistently unhelpful than the Common Fi...
John Redwood's Diary · 1d ago

Unemployment stays low in Wokingham

The latest unemployment figures show Wokingham is the seventh lowest constituency for unemployment with a rate of 0.7%. Locally and nationwide there are substantial vacancies which is encour...
John Redwood's Diary · 2d ago

Why we will be better off out of the EU

Prosperity, not austerity. That must be our aim. Prosperity will be easier won once we are out of the European Union. Restoring the freedoms of a once sovereign people. That is the overridin...
John Redwood's Diary · 2d ago

That letter again

One letter leaked to the media distorts what happens daily in Parliament. People write to me pointing out that that Mr Penrose’s letter did not cover all the issues, or left unsaid things th...
John Redwood's Diary · 2d ago

More new homes in Wokingham

IN the last quarter of 2017 556 new homes were finished in the Wokingham constituency, nine times the national average build rate. The annual total of new homes was 1227. This is a fast rate...
John Redwood's Diary · 2d ago

The BBC will show my lecture on life after Brexit

I am told BBC Parliament will run the lecture again for a wider audience on Saturday at 9pm, as they filmed it on the day.
John Redwood's Diary · 3d ago

Leaving the single market will not damage us as some suggest

Over the next few days I will share with you the text of my lecture in Speaker’s House on Tuesday evening. Today I start off by disagreeing with  the assumption that we have been winners fro...
John Redwood's Diary · 3d ago

Animal welfare

I attended yesterday the presentation by the Dogs trust of the need for better regulation to prevent electric shock collars and others devices that could do harm. I pledged my support to sen...