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John Redwood's Diary · 7h ago

All Souls College Oxford lecture at 11 a.m. in Old Library on Friday 27th April

I will be giving a lecture on public services and the use of the private sector. Please let me know if you would like to attend.
John Redwood's Diary · 8h ago

Government promises increase in per pupil funding

In today’s debate on money for schools the Secretary of State promised minimum per pupil amounts for every school under his new formula. I pointed out that this year some schools in Wokingha...
John Redwood's Diary · 14h ago

School money

I had a meeting with the Schools Minister this week in the House of Commons to push again for more money for Wokingham and West Berkshire schools. I also asked for explanations of some indiv...
John Redwood's Diary · 15h ago

Public borrowing forecasts were far too gloomy

Yesterday we got news that the total net borrowing of the public sector was £42.6bn. This compares with the March 2017 budget forecast of £58.3bn. So the result was £15.7bn or 27% lower than...
John Redwood's Diary · 17h ago

England and St George

Yesterday I was invited to give a short talk at a St George’s Day reception in Parliament. Present were representatives of the Royal Society of St George. I began by commenting that England ...
John Redwood's Diary · 1d ago

Trade wars

There is a new misleading Remain argument around at last. They have seized on Mr Trump’s push back against China and are claiming this means the UK will become dependent on the WTO just at t...
John Redwood's Diary · 2d ago

Why do so many former senior civil servants want to stay in the EU?

The uniform voting of former senior civil servants in the Lords against Brexit mirrors the work of many  interest groups and Remain supporters  to seek to recreate our membership of the EU a...
John Redwood's Diary · 3d ago

Globalists versus little Europeans

How many more times do we have to debate staying in the Customs union? The Commons has twice had important lively debates, and has twice voted decisively to leave the Customs Union in accord...
John Redwood's Diary · 4d ago

Money for Wokingham schools

I have been pressing for more cash for local schools. I have argued for a better national formula, and for more money for schools in total. I am still pressing for further improvement as I a...
John Redwood's Diary · 4d ago

Shopping and parking

There seems to be virtual unanimity on this site that high charges for parking, and difficulty in parking in or near Town Centres is an important contributory cause to the decline in use of ...