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Cut That Out! #writing #rewriting #editing #cutting #authors #romance

Not the stop doing that cut that out. I mean cut something out of something. In this case, a manuscript with too many pages. Way too many pages. OMG, too many pages. One of my works in progr... · 1W ago

Critter Camp #SpringBreak #PetSitting #GoldenDoodles #Hamsters #Photos

Spring Break time came around and we got the usual call. Would MG and I pet sit Buddy the Golden Doodle for two weeks while our Second Son and his family went to Florida? Sure we would. We’r... · 1M ago

A Tale of Two Space Centers, Part II #NASA #USSpace&RocketCenter #SpaceProgram #MarshallSpaceFlightCenter #RedstoneArsenal

Each time we return home from visiting my Baby Sis in Florida, we drive by the Huntsville, Alabama, exit on I-65 and talk about visiting the Rocket City’s US Space and Rocket Center (USSRC),... · 1M ago

A Tale of Two Space Centers, Part I #NASA #KennedySpaceCenter #SpaceProgram

I suppose it was inevitable that I would become a NASA buff. I’ve been a science fiction fan since I checked Robert A. Heinlein’s Red Planet out of the library to read for a fourth grade boo... · 2M ago

Last Minute Is Not My Strong Suit

As I wrote in my last post, MG and I were going to skip our annual winter trip to Florida, but… First of all, we got better. We got rid of The Crud. Second, important appointments MG had sch... · 2M ago

The Crud, Cabin Fever, and The Shawshank Redemption #TheCrud #ChickenSoup #Winter #CabinFever #TheShawshankRedemption

In past years, MG and I would be in the Florida Panhandle by now, enjoying warmer winter weather than the winter weather in Michigan—albeit this year not warmer by much. Some southern states... · 3M ago

Political Opposites and Still Friends #politicalparties #politicalopinions #oppositesides #friendship

I am a firm believer that a person cannot have enough friends, especially not enough good friends. Friendship, like marriage, is something you have to care about and work at to maintain. Unl... · 4M ago

The Russian App that Came to Stay #Kaspersky

As much as I love computers, sometimes they don’t love me back. When I bought my second MacBook Pro about six months ago, I received a six months’ trial Kaspersky antivirus subscription from... · 5M ago

Being Born Brooklyn #advertisingagencies #movieproducers #metoo

When I went to work at an advertising agency in Manhattan, I was fresh out of college and still incredibly naive for someone my age at the time. I had no idea there was such a thing as sexua... · 6M ago

Everything Happens in Threes #officeequipment #householdappliances #thepowerofthree

Three is a number with a storied past. Three can be a blessing or a curse. Take The Holy Bible for example. If numerical values do not reach forty, they come in threes. (That is significant,...