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Credit Card Switcheroo #CreditCard #Bank #BankFees #Hacked

We switched bank credit cards a short while ago. It had nothing to do with fees, interest rates, or those 800 phone calls about lowering our interest rates. Those calls are aggravating to be... · 2W ago

Gossip Girls of a Certain Age #gossip #adults #cafe #coffee

Every week or so, a few of the “adult girls” in our neighborhood get together for coffee and conversation at a local café. I join them when I’m not having a pajama day. In other words, a day... · 3W ago

A Rugrat Wrangling Weekend #Grandparents #Grandchildren #Grandma

I always enjoy babysitting our grandchildren and pet sitting our grandpuppy Buddy, the Golden Doodle. MG on the other hand feels nervous about being responsible for the kids and feels more a... · 3W ago

The Time Traveling Dresser Purge #decluttering #organizing #wardrobe

I think the Pod People came in the night and switched my body with that of an alien. It’s the only possible explanation for my sudden obsession with decluttering and organizing. After I star... · 1M ago

Requiem For a 3½ Inch Floppy #Technology #Computer #FloppyDisk

As I have admitted before, I am a self-confessed pack rat. I break out in a cold sweat at the very mention of throwing something out or giving it away. So, it is with serious trepidation tha... · 1M ago

What’s Cooking? #mealplanning #cooking #homemaking #burnout

If you’re a homemaker, unless you’re Rachel Ray or Martha Stewart, after a time you probably found yourself becoming burned out on planning meals and cooking. I know for a fact that I am alr... · 1M ago

Better Late Than Never #Christmas #MacPro #GeekSquad

I finally received my Christmas gift from MG four months late, and MG got his gift from me three months late. Why? Or why bother at all with Christmas gifts at this late date? Better late th... · 1M ago

Knight in Shining Karma #karma #fate #cartrouble

Murphy’s Law reared its ugly head again this past weekend, at the worst possible time of course. Oops. I’m getting ahead of myself. I should tell you first how it all began. On this past wee... · 2M ago

The Tortured English Major #English #grammar #homophones #EnglishMajorHumor

At times, being an English Major can be sheer torture. Listening while others butcher the English language is cruel and unusual punishment. I shudder when I hear the pompous speakers among u... · 2M ago

Suffering For My Art

I’ve been away from my keyboard for a few weeks now. Did you miss me? Um, never mind. Don’t answer that. I wasn’t gone by choice. Circumstances beyond my control kept me from making my weekl...