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Everything Happens in Threes #officeequipment #householdappliances #thepowerofthree

Three is a number with a storied past. Three can be a blessing or a curse. Take The Holy Bible for example. If numerical values do not reach forty, they come in threes. (That is significant,... · 2W ago

What Happened in Vegas…#Tragedy #Shooting

The Las Vegas TV commercials always end with: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Not this time. The news of the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas spread beyond its city limits. It affe... · 4W ago

That’s Entertainment? #EmmyAwards #Hollywood #Politics #Activism #Soapbox

I loved to go to the movies when I was a kid, especially on Saturday mornings. Our parents drove my Baby Sister and me to the old Lefferts Movie Theater at Lefferts Boulevard and Liberty Ave... · 1M ago

I Am Not a Jinx #Jinx #Coincidence #Fault #Blame #Baseball

Occasionally, when I travel, a disaster of some sort occurs during or after my visit. I assure you, I am not to blame. It is never my fault. Mere coincidence in each incidence, that’s all. I... · 1M ago

High Anxiety #Phobias #Fears

Just about everyone has a fear of something: the dark, water, flying—lions and tigers and bears, oh my! For me, it’s heights. Yes, I’m afraid of bugs too, but I doubt I would ever fall to my... · 2M ago

The Joys of Retirement

When my MG retired, I thought our pace of living would slow considerably. I was wrong. You should see our kitchen calendar. Nearly every box for each day of the month is filled. To keep trac... · 2M ago

Quiet Little Rascals

When our offspring are very young, we know where they are, most of the time. We arrange play dates, and we have baby-sitting exchanges with other moms. We usually know what our kids are doin... · 2M ago

Why Oh WiFi? #Orbi #WiFi #WirelessNetwork #GeekSquad

I admit to being a bit of a geek girl when it comes to computers and other electronic gadgets. Love’em when they work properly; loathe’em when they don’t. I suspect you think I’m obsessed wi... · 2M ago

Necessary Evils or Guilty Pleasures? #TVads #TVcommercials #advertising

Television commercials are necessary evils. Some are more evil, prevalent, and maddening than others. A lot more. Too many more. Particularly annoying are the ads for pharmaceuticals that cl... · 3M ago

Recipe for a Successful Book Signing #Authors #BookSigning

On Tuesday evening, I attended a book signing for five female authors at a Schuler’s bookstore. On Tuesday evening, I attended a fiction writer’s panel comprised of five female authors at a ...