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Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh · 18h ago

Trump-Russia Inquiry Looks at Potential for Wall Street Bank Money Laundering

Senator Sherrod Brown Demands Answers from TreasurySecretary Steven Mnuchin at Senate Hearing, May 18, 2017The majority of American citizens have never heard of the U.S. Treasury agency know...
Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh · 1d ago

Shhhh... These 100 Secret Societies Prove Who Really Rules America

... and Canada
Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh · 1d ago

Do armed, uniformed cops belong in Toronto high schools?

When the Toronto police board met this week, a lesser-known police initiative called the School Resource Officer program was a minor item buried deep on a packed agenda — and nowhere near th...
Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh · 2d ago

Knights of Columbus Funding at Work at Crux

Yes, but is it art?
Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh · 2d ago

Tracking Nazi Gold - Dead Men's Secrets

Story of how Hitler used Jewish valuables to finance his global conquest and how it was covered up by the Swiss Banks that financed Hitlers war on Jews.What is bitter and dark and wrapped in...
Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh · 2d ago

Finance Minister Bill Morneau vows to close ‘unfair’ tax loopholes

Canada’s finance minister denounced “unfair” tax loopholes on Thursday and put Bay Street on notice that the Liberal government is committed to addressing “blind spots” and exposing shadowy ...
Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh · 2d ago

Libertarianism and Genocide: Nothing Personal -- Just Business

John Loftus, is the author of the book "The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed The Jewish People"Give me Liberty, or give me you death.Anyone else feeling besieged a...
Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh · 2d ago

Britain's Second Empire, and More

“This is a story that really needs to be told and that needs to enter the public consciousness. The main danger in an overly dominant finance sector as it is in the UK, if we give it too muc...
Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh · 5d ago

Ukrainian general calls for destruction of Jews

In the latest of a series of highly public antisemitic statements by prominent figures in Ukraine, a retired Ukrainian general affiliated with the country’s intelligence services this week c...
Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh · 6d ago

The Guns of Constantinople

Take down this wallEarly in 1452, a Hungarian cannon founder by the name of Orban arrived in Constantinople, seeking his fortune at the imperial court. One of a growing band of technical mer...