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Journey of an Italian Cook · 4M ago

Spaghetti Pie - Cacio e Pepe Pasta Pie

I've been in Minnesota for a long time now. Longer than my many years in New York City. An...
Journey of an Italian Cook · 5M ago

A Traditional Christmas: Citrus Cookies and Ricotta Cookies

"Always on Christmas night there was music. An uncle played the fiddle, a cousin sang "Che...
Journey of an Italian Cook · 6M ago

I Will Feed You Pasta

I'm not going to lie. It's been a tough week. I have been writing Antigone in Munich about Sophie SchollĀ and The White Rose Society. Sophie practiced and preached passive resistance in Germa...
Journey of an Italian Cook · 9M ago

The Simple Season

You know this season - the season of no-cook. Sometimes the season of take-out. Hazy, hot ...
Journey of an Italian Cook · 10M ago


Love is ...- the natural world.Love is...- daisy days.
Journey of an Italian Cook · 1Y ago

Artichokes - Roman Style

Roman Artichokes or Carfiofi alla Romana. I was going to post this one month ago - but then "life" happened as it often does.Straight forward and easy (yes, cleaning the artichokes takes a little time. Put on music and go to your zen place) but once ...
Journey of an Italian Cook · 1Y ago

Chicken Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups

One year ago, I posted a lasagna roll up recipe with spinach, ricotta and tomato sauce. They were a hit - mainly because it is super-easy to exercise portion control and very easy to serve. Last December, I saw a similar recipe with alfredo sauce and...
Journey of an Italian Cook · 1Y ago

Easy Kalamata Olive Bread

I wrote a play. And started another. As I try to increase my writing output (while I still...
Journey of an Italian Cook · 1Y ago

Winter-Spiced Chocolate Cake

I am all about the savory. Savory pies and appetizers draw me in but once in a while - cho...
Journey of an Italian Cook · 1Y ago

Lidia's Chicken Breast with Oranges and Olives

'tis the season - where candles are lit to ward off darkness. Where sparkle is called for and the usually-muted Claudia looks for a bit of glitter. And for dinner - I want flavor - more than the riches of fats and sugar so prevalent in December - I w...