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Journeys of a Hybrid · 4M ago

“F—ck ‘em if they can’t Take a Joke” – Letting go of Things

I was fortunate, early in my career to have a mentor that not only encouraged me to do my ...
Journeys of a Hybrid · 4M ago

FOLLOW UP – Virtual Reality. Is it for You? – Exploring NYVR

I attended the NYVR conference last week at the Javits Center in New York City, which coll...
Journeys of a Hybrid · 4M ago

2017 NAB NY – Virtual Reality is Very Real

I recently spent a couple of days at the NAB NY Show (National Association of Broadcasters...
Journeys of a Hybrid · 6M ago

Why Everyone Should Travel

Originally posted on Journeys of a Hybrid:  As I prepare to head out of the country next week I’ve been thinking about why I travel. I’ve been a bit of a rolling stone most of my life, moving 10 times…
Journeys of a Hybrid · 6M ago

Gear, Access and/or Vision

Gear, Access or Vision - what's most important? … Continue reading →
Journeys of a Hybrid · 6M ago

Photography Gear I Would Pack on a Trip Around-the-World in 2017

Seven years ago I wrote a blog post about the gear I was taking for a 3-month trip around ...
Journeys of a Hybrid · 7M ago

Photography Contracts, Social Media and Business

I read an interesting article today online about a bride and groom who slammed their wedding photographer on their social media outlets, which allegedly resulted in a loss of business for the photographer and they were ordered to pay $1.08M.… Contin...
Journeys of a Hybrid · 10M ago

Top Reasons for Doing a Personal Photography Project

I have spent a lot of time purging things lately and one being my enormous collection of a...
Journeys of a Hybrid · 10M ago

Truth and Integrity – Is Seeing Believing?

It was a sad day when I read about award winning photographer Souvid Datta infringing on a...
Journeys of a Hybrid · 11M ago

What’s the Worst Thing that Could Happen?

I was always the “new kid” in school. My family moved more than 10 times before I graduate...