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Joy's Poetry Blog · 2d ago

Good morning sunshine

Good morning sunshineToday you look so fineLook like you’re dressed to the ninesGood morning sunshineI wish I could sing like Patsy ClineInstead of like my tiny felineToday I’m feeling turqu...
Joy's Poetry Blog · 3W ago


Smell The CoffeeSomething’s brewing out there Not just brewing in my headIt’s not imagined, it’s real, I feel itFeel it in the way the sun hides behind clouds Feel it in the volatile change ...
Joy's Poetry Blog · 4W ago


Joy's Poetry Blog · 2M ago


My thoughts run wild, like a child beguiledCan’t follow instructions or conversationWant my mind reconciledMy mind runs ahead of me screaming directionsIn desperation I hear reflections abou...
Joy's Poetry Blog · 2M ago

Believe In The Dream

Make the dream realityIntegrity, happily love the song ValerieEspecially as sang by Amy,There’s a fatality of sanctity Specificity is not the answerHard to stay focused, too many things to f...
Joy's Poetry Blog · 3M ago

Making Lemonade

I got my own sour songs, my own sour wrongs,My own damn right to sing the blues Catch me if you can because I’m elusive conclusiveLemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet but the...
Joy's Poetry Blog · 3M ago


Why blame me for all the painCredit me for all the gains you’ve hadFor years and yearsCredit me for fame Who wants the blame for what you said I didThat I didn’t do I know your nameIt’s ok f...
Joy's Poetry Blog · 4M ago

For The Thrill Of It All

Hugs and kisses, velvet wishesCome to an end and what’s leftChange husbands, like changing an old pair of shoes for new Like to buy a new pair of shoesSudden change to my heart’s colder weat...
Joy's Poetry Blog · 6M ago

The Planet Completes One More Spin Around The Earth

A pleasant fresh chill fills the airEvening sings, temperature drops Season's preview, pull out winter socksDark at four thirty, tranquilizedSun arrives at six forty fiveClocks schedule set ...
Joy's Poetry Blog · 6M ago

Show and Know - Kiss me now

Give me a little kiss will ya huh I promise not to tell No one will knowI won’t tell and showGive me a little kiss will you huhDon’t worry I won’t yell if you do what I tell you Put your lip...