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Just kidding · 11M ago

Working with Themes

My creative time designing images for T-shirts to be sold on Amazon has now shifted me to working with themes. In the Merch by Amazon Facebook groups people often mention to work with themes...
Just kidding · 1Y ago

Research on how Google works with Free Marketing

To earn money with graphic work on line can be a lot of work. I do know that some seem to do it with a lot less effort, or is that my presumption? I do promote my latest work from several ...
Just kidding · 1Y ago

Kiddies Shirts by Just-Kidding

This is my NEW brand name at Amazon for kiddies and young at heart. They are all priced at $14.99 at Amazon Since Easter is almost around the corner, my update yesterday day was an Easter ...
Just kidding · 1Y ago

Reality times in 2017

The world of Print and Demand has truly taken a big leap in the last three years, especially for me. I started designing for Redbubble and a month later opened my three shops at Zazzle in ...
Just kidding · 1Y ago

What do I buy for Christmas gifts?

Both these products are fun to design for . Here are some of my children's story designs at Lifeheroes. That Question must be in lots of people's minds, especially when all the offered disc...
Just kidding · 1Y ago

Calender time again

Greetings from the souls of Africa Calendar.Calendar and Wall art collections at Zazzle  12 African designsStory telling Calendar Reflections for every month of the year 2017
Just kidding · 1Y ago

I have become an Amazon T-Shirt designer!

There are many thousand T shirts for sale at Amazon, so I  wondered, how are mine ever found?  I started with my first brand name ‘Just Kidding’  and uploaded 25 designs that I already had...
Just kidding · 1Y ago

Designing for the T Shirt Market

Many of my designs are published on T Shirts with several P.O.D shops that specialize mainly on T shirts. Here are the links, so that any shopper can compare prices. Needless to say that Ama...
Just kidding · 1Y ago

A crowdfunding adventure

I'm A Time KeeperMy new business adventure is to join a crowdfunding system whereby we start a 'campaign' and upload a T Shirt design on  for a good cause - a specific busines...
Just kidding · 1Y ago

My 4 latest designs

These four images are my latest designs posted on. Redbubble and Society6 and it will soon appear on Zazzle and other POD shops I have here linked on my blog. Please look out for the product...