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Justin's HIV Journal · 1W ago

Justin's HIV Journal and make Top 50 HIV Blogs And Websites on the Web

Proud to announce that Justin's HIV Journal has made Top 50 HIV Blogs And Websites on the Web along with, Mark S King, Josh Robbins, Aaron Laxton etc., by Feedspot.comTo see the ...
Justin's HIV Journal · 1W ago

HIV and Surrogacy A&U Magazine COVER Cleve Jones

Justin—Been a while since we last chatted. I am really interested in surrogacy, as I want a child of my own. As I explained before I am positive, undetectable for many years. Can you advise me where I can go to get this done at an economical cost? Ba...
Justin's HIV Journal · 2W ago

Justin celebrates life by dancing, listening to jazz and fireworks on the Atlantis Cruise

Sometimes it is just good to let your hair down.  Being HIV positive doesn’t mean you have to stay at home but it might mean you need to get out of bed and enjoy life.  There were many times...
Justin's HIV Journal · 1M ago

Justin's HIV Journal Justin does ifly (Indoor Skydiving) Happy New Year!!

For my birthday, my hubby took me to ifly.  It was awesome!!! I did two sessions it was the best ever.  I’ve been skydiving before, this was amazing.  The hubby decided once a month we will ...
Justin's HIV Journal · 2M ago

Justin's HIV Journal at the Brooklyn Museum and La Mama Galleria

I received an e-mail from a curator from an organization called Visual AIDS.  Visual AIDS was Founded in 1988, and it is the only Arts organization that is fully committed to increasing HIV/...
Justin's HIV Journal · 2M ago

Justin B Terry-Smith's answers questions on Side Effects of PrEP and How he found out he had HIV

Hi Justin—I heard your dissertation is on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Can you tell me what the side effects of PrEP are?—RobertJustin,What did it feel like when you got HIV? Did you notice your body change? And, if so, did you think it was nothi...
Justin's HIV Journal · 3M ago

#HIV Diagnosis Justin answers How did you find out you are positive—of course it was by testing but what led you to go and test for HIV?

Hi Justin—Greetings from Accra. I cannot stop admiring your online posts and pictures and your positive attitude toward life. This makes me wonder if you are really HIV-positive because you ...
Justin's HIV Journal · 7M ago

Justin B Terry-Smith talks #PrEP and Sexual Empowerment in the latest edition of Just*in Time from A&U Magazine

In the latest edition of A&U Magazine America's AIDS Magazine I talk to a reader about Sexual Empowerment and PrEP.  1st step in #HIV #prevention is sexual health empowerment • JUST*IN TIME ...
Justin's HIV Journal · 3M ago

Justin's HIV Journal Videos Showcased at the Brooklyn Museum Exhibit!!

GREAT NEWS: Some of the
Justin's HIV Journal · 6M ago

#Serodifferent couples: How do u navigate the conversation about #PrEP & #HIV meds?

A&U Magazine's Just*in Time HIV Advice Column by Justin B Terry-Smith focuses on#Serodifferent couples: How do u navigate the conversation about #PrEP & #HIV meds? JUST*IN TIME by @JustinBSmith79Hope you’re doing well! Got a question you might know t...