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Kai Leakes Blog When the Light and Dark are at war, sometimes the Grey can o

Kai Leakes Blog · 1Y ago

Coming soon...

Hi, Team Sineaters and Cursed,I know I've been very silent and I apologize for that. So far, I've been working hard on some behind the scenes stuff pertaining to my brand and stepping into t...
Kai Leakes Blog · 1Y ago

A treat for #teamsineaters

Hello, #teamsineaters,I continue to work, and reevaluate, and work. LOL But currently, I have a surprise. It's what you all have been asking for: I've finally commissioned the image of The M...
Kai Leakes Blog · 1Y ago

#teamsineaters I asked and here we are! (How to build your author platform : Daniel José Older)

#teamsineaters I asked awesome Author Daniel Jose Older about how to build my platform as an author and he gave a great answer. Stay for the end, it's the best!