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Kajsa HA's Blog · 12h ago

Mobile Money and Payment Systems: Follow me to #EOBS2017

[View the story “Mobile Money and Payment Systems: Follow me to EOBS2017” on Storify]
Kajsa HA's Blog · 4d ago

Introducing The Flint and its Initiator: Emmanuel Quartey

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email with a very long text about WhatsApp marketing in Accra. Sure, I am a social media fan, but marketing and WhatsApp are not exactly my areas of...
Kajsa HA's Blog · 1W ago

Enter the Media Kit for Bloggers

So I have quietly been working on some interesting blog related projects, I will tell you more soon. I’ll start by outdooring my media kit. I got the idea from Swedish blogs which often have...
Kajsa HA's Blog · 3W ago

My Children Speak Three Languages: Here Are My Thoughts About It

In our family, we speak three languages: English is the common language that all of us speak, then I speak Swedish with the kids (which my children’s father can understand some, but cannot s...
Kajsa HA's Blog · 1M ago

An “African Swede” is Gone: Remembering Hans Rosling

I don’t really have idols. I have never asked anyone for an autograph. I don’t like the idea of following celebrities. But I do have a few people I truly admire and of them only...
Kajsa HA's Blog · 1M ago

Sunday Reads Feb 5, #KajsaHASundayReads

This week I read: This Interesting article on the academic core task and the next generation academics by Andrew J. Hoffman on The Conversation. Incredible look into the future: Global digit...
Kajsa HA's Blog · 1M ago

Kajsa on “A Wonderful Podcast” #enunderbarpod

Just before xmas, I was on my way to work and as usual listened to one of my regular Swedish podcasts and heard them discussing if people across the world listened to them. So I wrote...
Kajsa HA's Blog · 1M ago

Sunday Reads Jan 29, #KajsaHASundayReads

This week I read: I don’t know about you, but I can’t take in anymore about Trump, so except for a few women march comments, I have just skipped everything orange and I justify it...
Kajsa HA's Blog · 2M ago

Parenting in a New Environment

I am bringing my children up in an environment that is very different from how I grew up. Is that a problem or an added richness to their and my lives?  Maybe I have to...
Kajsa HA's Blog · 2M ago

My #2016bestnine on Instagram

Last year I increased my presence on Instagram and ended up with 244 posts which were liked a whopping 6971 times! Thank you! (and if you are not part of the 800+ people who follow me...