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Kajsa HA's Blog · 2d ago

Rethinking Infidelity and Vulnerability

The psychologist looks out from the brightly lit stage and asks the audience, “How many of you have been affected by infidelity? As a family member? As the one who is cheating? As the betray...
Kajsa HA's Blog · 3W ago

Introducing the team behind #Justice4Her – and next steps for the campaign!

These are historical times. The week after the hashtag #metoo took over the world, Ghana saw the perhaps most successful social media campaign ever, #Justice4her, in response to a very bruta...
Kajsa HA's Blog · 3W ago

#PaGya Literary Festival in Accra: 3 Observations

[<a href=”//” target=”_blank”>View the story “#PaGya Literary Festival in Accra” on Storify</a>]
Kajsa HA's Blog · 1M ago

My Summary Schedule for the AS-AA conference in Accra 12-14 Oct, 2017

On Thursday, the Second Biennial African Studies Association of Africa (AS-AA) conference is taking off here in my academic home, the Institute of African Studies at University of Ghana Lego...
Kajsa HA's Blog · 1M ago

My Week: Teach, Do Research and Work-Family Balance?

This week, I have a demanding and varied set of tasks ahead. Monday, I will be welcoming guests to Ashesi University from Kenyon College, Ohio, US (Their 2020 plan is interesting and impress...
Kajsa HA's Blog · 1M ago

Sunday Reads Sep 17, #KajsaHASundayReads

This week I read: Female entrepreneurship rates in Sub-Saharan Africa are the highest in the world, according to a new report that says women’s entrepreneurial activity is increasing globall...
Kajsa HA's Blog · 2M ago

My Week Following The @Sweden Curatorship Experience, #SMWiAccra

So last week, I had the honor of being the curator of the twitter account @Sweden. With a click, I increased my following by 10 and was the seven-day temporary face of my native Sweden. In.....
Kajsa HA's Blog · 2M ago

The Week When I Increased My Twitter Following by x10

This week I have the honor of representing my native Sweden as the curator of the Twitter account @Sweden. It is every week run by a new Swede or person living in Sweden (this week...
Kajsa HA's Blog · 2M ago

Sunday Reads Sep 3, #KajsaHASundayReads

This week I read: 1. Why a Swedish top academic chose to leave his professorial chair at Oxford Uni. #KajsaHASundayReads #highered — Kajsa Hallberg Adu (@kajsaha) Sep...
Kajsa HA's Blog · 2M ago

Last Chance: Orderly/Disorderly BlaxTARLINES Art Exhibit

Here is an important Public Service Announcement: The Orderly/Disorderly Art Show curated by Blaxtarlines (follow and support on FB, read the curatorial statement here) opened at the Science...