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Kordi Rhmn

Reads about: life, love, rumor, la, personal

Fakhrur Rodzi

Reads about: life, humor, art, love, business

Irfan Halim

Reads about: life, entertainment, personal, personal stuff, info

Mohamad Azzam

Reads about: personal, life, photography, diary, picture

Elmaranji Shah

Reads about: personal, life, love, islam, food

Fatian Athiea a little girl with a nice deal to share with others to make them have a big deal to solve together

Reads about: life, technology, personal, love, islam

Fuad Asri Muda

Reads about: life, interests, literature, erotismo, humour

Nur Shahrin Zabani

Reads about: life, personal, micet, bmi, miit

Fashiela Saifullezan

Reads about: life, humor, personal, short stories, hiburan

Wan Nor Izzati

Reads about: blogging, do, life, my life, love

Rabiatul Noor Adawiy...

Reads about: personal, life, humor, love, football

Dailami Daniel

Reads about: love, life, technology, mimet, personal

Atiqah Ibrahim

Reads about: life, random, personal, memories, photography

Azza Bohr

Reads about: personal, life, micet, interests, love

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