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kalyxcornucopia · 2d ago

ez pz

hee hee, really? o i can do that, mom, ezpz. hthee? Content copyright 2015 by kalyxcornucopia. All Rights Reserved. Please be kind and do not repost without proper linking credit. Visit or
kalyxcornucopia · 5d ago

today i am eleven :)

hee hee hee, ooOOOooooOooo! i smell blueberries and i smell strawberries and i smell carrots and i smell chicken and i smell duc- i mean, i smell may i please open my eyes no...
kalyxcornucopia · 6d ago

layer cake

....and make it a mile high, so when we put the two ones on top, it will look like a really really long poopie snake! o, and i get to lick the spoon, right, mom? :) :) Content copyright 2015...
kalyxcornucopia · 1W ago

little red riding wolf :)

rawwwr! rawwwr! rawwr!rawww-hee hee, why hello, mother. um, guess what - i found the red sweater u have been looking for. :)Content copyright 2015 by kalyxcornucopia. All Rights Reserved. Please be kind and do not repost without proper linking credi...
kalyxcornucopia · 1W ago

hypopetically speaking :)

well...i kind of see your point about the work and all, mom, but...well...if santa brought us a manatee, we could name him hugh and it would totally be worth it, dontchoo think? :) Content copyright 2015 by kalyxcornucopia. All Rights Reserved. Pleas...
kalyxcornucopia · 1W ago

o christmas glee

hee hee, okay mom, turn it on..ooOoooOOOOoOooooooOooo!thanks, mom! this is exactly what we wanted. now we just need to put a red ballie on top and it can dry while we are at school. and the...
kalyxcornucopia · 2W ago

wolfy wolferstein, PgMP®

hee hee, yes please, mom, i would like to see...o snap. i guess u do still have a lot of finish work to do, mom. when me and duk duk were developing our doot schedule, i guess we were only thinking about the number of sets we wanted u to make and ...
kalyxcornucopia · 2W ago

when everything is last minute but cyber brown wednesday is still today at noon and nine pm est :)

hee hee, well mom, we kind of want them to have kind of that gumball machine prize feeling, only they would be for grown ups. so, better made, obviously, and, well maybe, not like, just som...
kalyxcornucopia · 3W ago

black friday :)

do not worry, mom, we have it all figured out. here, let us show u. duk duk, u know what to do - wolf and falcon assemble!hee hee hee - hey hey - no pokesies back there, duk duk, unless u wanna unleash the olfactory equivalent of poopnarok... again....
kalyxcornucopia · 3W ago

happy thanksgiving:)

Even though tiny chumley's needs are really quite simple and easy to remember in the grand scheme of things, sometimes, when the realities of life require us to direct our attentions elsewhe...