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Karen Anne Glick Creative Design Studio

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Rachel Biel I've been working with cultural handicrafts and tribal art since 1988. Many of those years were spe...

Reads about: textiles, fiber art, handmade, afghanistan, beads

Joan Chapman Miller

Reads about: food, healthy, recipes

Brenda Cregger

Reads about: crafts, quilting, art, sewing, art quilts

Jean Mclaughlin Maca...

Reads about: art, photography, artist, landscape, daily practice

Shelly Renfrow Porte...

Reads about: daily practice, gardening, artist, studio, poetry

Elaine Sheffield Haa...

Reads about: daily practice, studio, artist

Watus Solis

Reads about: fashion design, fashion shows, haute couture, daily practice, studio

Anne Turner

Reads about: daily practice, studio, artist

Sharon Clues

Reads about: craft, crochet, design, sew, fiber

Judy Applegarth

Reads about: scrapbooking, art, rubber stamping, stamping, cards

Lorna Jones

Reads about: rats, rescues, dogs, daily practice, quilting

Judy Pryor Hoxie

Reads about: daily practice, draw, studio, artist, journal

Karen Anne Glick

Reads about: daily practice, goldendoodle, studio, artist, aussiedoodle

Nicole O'Connor

Reads about: daily practice, studio, artist

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