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Karen Edmisten The blog with the shockingly clever title
Karen Edmisten · 14h ago

Bits and Pieces of Our Days (The Picture Edition)

Ramona's been drawing again:Howl and Sophie from Howl's Moving CastleWonder Woman! ~~~~~Speaking of art, she and I have been using the lovely and whimsical art from
Karen Edmisten · 6d ago

Poetry Friday: Billy Collins Again, Because I Need Him Today

In "Today," Billy Collins splendiferously evokes the unadulterated joy of that day -- that moment -- when the heart and mind and soul know and believe that Spring has truly landed.In Nebrask...
Karen Edmisten · 3W ago

Poetry Friday: Billy Collins, "Old Man Eating Alone in a Chinese Restaurant"

Given my recent account of being jettisoned from a Chinese restaurant, I thought this poem by Billy Collins would work well today. (Alternatively, in my case, it could be called, "In Happier...
Karen Edmisten · 3W ago

From the "How My Lent is Going" Files: We Got Kicked Out of a Chinese Restaurant

Dear Lent,Every year, you bring it. Something unexpected. I've written to you before, talked to you about how you predictably surprise me with the unpredictable. You're always good for me. I...
Karen Edmisten · 1M ago

It's Back: A Meaningful Lent

I'd really like to update this monstrously long post to reflect what it's like to observe Lent with teens and/or college students in the house. But until the magical day when I have time to ...
Karen Edmisten · 1M ago

Poetry Friday, a Groundhog Day Shrinklit, and Other Bits and Pieces of Our Days

Since I barely blog anymore (or constantly ask myself, "Should this go on Facebook? Or Instagram? Is it a blog post? Do I remember how to blog, other than Poetry Friday?") I thought I'd cram...
Karen Edmisten · 1M ago

Poetry Friday: Snow Day, by Billy Collins

I love the lacy, drapey patterns the winds gave us. Though for us, it was more than a day; it was a snow week. We went to sleep Sunday night, wondering if we'd actually be hit with the predi...
Karen Edmisten · 2M ago

Poetry Friday: I, Too by Langston Hughes

Give me your tired, your poor Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.Because this is America.Because this is who we are, or are supposed to be.Because no country is a sh--hole and no h...
Karen Edmisten · 2M ago

Poetry Friday: To the New Year, by W.S. Merwin

I love this one.Happy Poetry Friday, Happy New Year, Happy Hope.To the New YearBy W.S. MerwinWith what stillness at lastyou appear in the valleyyour first sunlight reaching downto touch the ...
Karen Edmisten · 2M ago

What I Read in 2017

Let me start by saying it wasn't nearly as much as I'd planned to read.Gosh, somehow, after Friday morning, July 28th (when Atticus got the cancer diagnosis), the year just kind of got away ...