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Karen Edmisten The blog with the shockingly clever title
Karen Edmisten · 2d ago

Poetry Friday: I Fell Off the Internet Again When My Daughter Was Diagnosed With a Chronic Illness

It was almost two months ago when I finally felt ready to write about Atticus, cancer, fear, and learning to breathe again.Then my daughter got sick.In reality, Betsy was ill before Atticus ...
Karen Edmisten · 1M ago

Poetry Friday: a beautiful one by Anne Porter

I've shared Anne Porter's work before, but not for awhile. Here's a beautiful one: A Short Testamentby Anne PorterWhatever harm I may have doneIn all my life in all your wide creationIf I ca...
Karen Edmisten · 1M ago

Poetry Friday: Some October

After resurfacing last week with news of Atticus, cancer, and the smudgy blur that was the beginning of our school year, I'm back this week with some lines from Barbara Crooker which feel ac...
Karen Edmisten · 1M ago

Poetry Friday: Richard Wilbur and The Time I Fell Off the Internet Because Atticus Got Cancer

Poet Laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Wilbur (who has long had his own category on my blog), passed away last Saturday at the age of 96. May he rest in peace.I sort of fell off the...
Karen Edmisten · 3M ago

Poetry Friday: Nature Walk, by Gillian Wegener

Ah, this is a lovely poem. Gillian Wegener's "Nature Walk" conjures memories of nature walks with my girls -- part of our homeschool, part of our history, bits of our family lore. Some walks...
Karen Edmisten · 3M ago

Poetry Friday: Summer's End

Summer's End by Karen Edmisten August, morning walk.   The grasshoppers pole vaulting,a season shifting.~~~~~The Poetry Friday round up is at Check It Out.
Karen Edmisten · 3M ago

Bits and Pieces of Our Days

As Imperceptibly as Grief, the Summer Lapsed Away....~~ Emily Dickinson No one can nail it quite like my girl Emily. ~~~~~I didn't mean to let the last few weeks slip by without writing. It ...
Karen Edmisten · 4M ago

Poetry Friday: Hope is the thing with feathers

“Hope” is the thing with feathersby Emily Dickinson“Hope” is the thing with feathers -That perches in the soul -And sings the tune without the words -And never stops - at all -And sweetest ...
Karen Edmisten · 4M ago

Brave Writer: Registration for Fall Classes Opens on July 31

I'll be teaching for Brave Writer again in the fall! Huzzah!I'm teaching another session of The Writer's Jungle Online (formerly "Kidswrite Basic") from September 25th to November 3rd.The co...
Karen Edmisten · 5M ago

Poetry Friday: Mac and Cheese and ... Haiku?

July 14th is National Macaroni and Cheese Day (that's okay -- I didn't know it existed either) and Tabatha is seizing the day. She's hosting a cheesy Poetry Friday, and I am lamenting days g...