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Karen's blog · 3W ago

Facing reality

Here’s the situation. Selling one’s art is a hard business. Too many sites are giving away books or if not free almost free at 99 cents. Readers expect that now from indie authors and from t...
Karen's blog · 1M ago

A month of accomplishments

I grabbed the bull by the horns and went for it. I had gotten impatient and annoyed at the query route. Rejections were piled so high I couldn’t breathe. I reworked the letter several times,...
Karen's blog · 1M ago

When I was a kid

When I was a kid the cold war was real. We worried all the time that a nuclear weapon would be unleashed and blow us off the face of the earth. By Russia. We had drills where we crouched dow...
Karen's blog · 2M ago

New book released!

I am happy to announce that my third novel is available for Kindle. Paperback coming soon!
Karen's blog · 2M ago

Irma, Russia probe, DACA

Irma came roaring into Florida. We watched its progression into our state until we lost our electricity. Horrifying scenes of whole cities blown away. Caribbean islands obliterated. The keys...
Karen's blog · 2M ago

Sweepstakes  Hosted by Karen Isaacs Bell Hello everyone. Please enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win a copy of my award...
Karen's blog · 3M ago

Summer, the eclipse, and wag the dog

Last night I drove my eldest son and granddaughter to the airport. Fertig, done. The last guests gone. Back to normal. I love when my kids visit, but I’m used to a lifestyle now of doing my ...
Karen's blog · 4M ago

Traveling opens your mind

I just returned from an amazing vacay with the hubs and my two daughters. A Baltic cruise. I visited countries that frankly I didn’t really ever think about, Latvia and Estonia. Just names t...
Karen's blog · 4M ago

It seems so simple

Medicare for all. No economic requirements, so no need for Medicaid. We all have insurance coverage…period. With Medicare Part B it costs about $100 per month per person–an easy amount to su...
Karen's blog · 5M ago

Amazon ads, climate change, incompetence

Recently, I discovered that Amazon had opened up the ability to advertise on its site for self-published authors who also publish books on sites other than Amazon. Previously, only authors e...