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Karen's Shenanigans · 1d ago

Release day is tomorrow! Pre-order END OF THE ROAD for only 99¢! #8sunday #snippetsunday

Cecilia's ghost father appears in her kitchen. She's a bit startled to see him but recovers quickly to ask him how he was able to appear in her house when he's never done so before. His theo...
Karen's Shenanigans · 1W ago

He’s baack! End of the Road #8sunday #snippetsunday

In the light of day, Cecilia can't believe she told her ghost father to go away. She's at home, having breakfast and trying to ignore her father's journal sitting in front of her on the tabl...
Karen's Shenanigans · 3W ago

Protected: Sneak Peek of End of the Road Chapters 1-5

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
Karen's Shenanigans · 3W ago

Can’t keep my eyes off of you… End of the Road #8sunday #snippetsunday

In the light of day, Cecilia is rethinking her hasty decision to run away from the ghost of her father.
Karen's Shenanigans · 4W ago

What have I done? End of the Road @KMNbooks #8sunday #snippetsunday

Cecilia is overwhelmed from meeting her father, who just so happens to be a ghost. She did what any other person might do. She fled. In this snippet she's had time to think about her hasty ...
Karen's Shenanigans · 1M ago

Where are you going? End of the Road @KMNbooks #8sunday #snippetsunday

Cecilia is overwhelmed by the conversation she's been having with her father who has been dead for 23 years.
Karen's Shenanigans · 1M ago

Guess who made the Elite Review list! @InD’TaleMagazine #reviews

Two Worlds Collided made the Elite Reviews at InD'tale Magazine!
Karen's Shenanigans · 1M ago

Can’t deal with this… End of the Road @KMNbooks #8sunday #snippetsunday

Cecilia accused her father that he was going to divorce her mother so even if he hadn't died, he was still going to leave her.
Karen's Shenanigans · 1M ago

In the end, you left… End of the Road @KMNbooks #8sunday #snippetsunday

Setup for this snippet with a recap from last week: Her father was offended that she would suggest that he purposely drove his truck off the pier.
Karen's Shenanigans · 2M ago

Time for the truth… End of the Road @KMNbooks #8sunday #snippetsunday

Cecilia asked her ghost father if he purposely drove his truck into the ocean. Here's his response...