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Karen's Shenanigans · 1d ago

Parting is such sweet sorrow… Heart and Soul #8sunday #snippetsunday

She followed him outside but stood at the threshold as he strode to his apartment a few feet away with those sure easy steps. At his door, he glanced her way. He probably felt her ogling at ...
Karen's Shenanigans · 1W ago

With a side of disappointment… Heart and Soul #8sunday #snippetsunday

With his hand still on the doorknob, he turned to face her. His dark shades of blue searching hers – for God knew what – but she didn't mind his curiosity.
Karen's Shenanigans · 2W ago

Heart and Soul #8sunday #snippetsunday

"Everything looks great," she voiced lamely and glanced away as if she were checking out the apartment further. At least the farce seemed to deafen the awkward silence and she was able to re...
Karen's Shenanigans · 3W ago

If you can’t take the heat… Heart and soul #8sunday #snippetsunday

She found him in the kitchen, the nook separating them like a barrier she should never cross and yet her mind found a way. Thoughts of red wine, her hands on his bare chest, and stolen kisse...
Karen's Shenanigans · 4W ago

Winter forest and an autumn tree… Heart and Soul #8sunday #snippetsunday

Rowan couldn't help but admire her new boss but she has another agenda and it has nothing to do with starting a relationship.
Karen's Shenanigans · 1M ago

Senses on full alert… Heart and Soul #8sunday #snippetsunday

As if he sensed her staring, he turned toward her and she felt the heat rise like a fever from her neck to her cheeks.
Karen's Shenanigans · 1M ago


St. Paddy’s Day is coming up and we have three pots of gold we’re eager to share!
Karen's Shenanigans · 1M ago

Room with a view… Heart and Soul #8sunday #snippetsunday

Maverick was a looker to say the least with his perfect hair, eyes that spoke of mischief, lips that confirmed it and not to mention his athletic physique—with muscular arms wedged into a bl...
Karen's Shenanigans · 1M ago

Home sweet home… Heart and Soul #8sunday #snippetsunday

"The employees usually park in the back," he explained with a jerk of his thumb behind him. "I'll make sure to park there tomorrow." He nodded. "Ready to see your new home?"
Karen's Shenanigans · 1M ago

The space between… Heart and Soul #8sunday #snippetsunday

His gaze met hers and for a meager few seconds, the silence seemed to take up space between them, like a barrier neither one of them could cross and if she glanced away the wall would separa...