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Karla's Cottage · 17h ago

A visit from one of the doodle babies

A few weeks ago, we had a visit from Pip. He has changed a bit since he lived here with us! This was our first litter of doodles and we weren't sure what to expect. Honey is about 63lbs, and...
Karla's Cottage · 2d ago

New Christmas goodies in the Boutique

I've had quite a few samples of holiday decor made up for A Snowbird's Song and some extra decorations for the Holiday Home Tour. Now that both have passed, I'm trying to get photos of the pretties to add to...
Karla's Cottage · 5d ago

The Grand Fairies' bedrooms at Christmas- more videos from the holiday home tour (and some photos)

Karla's Cottage · 1w ago

Living room and kitchen from the holiday home tour- two videos

Karla's Cottage · 1w ago

Our rosey guest room at Christmas

Karla's Cottage · 1W ago

A Seashell Fairy in Mexico

We spent the week of Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I fell in love with the views on the beach, this area is a bay, with mountains ringing the sea. It was very different from other seaside trips I've taken,...
Karla's Cottage · 1W ago

Home Sweet Home

We had the BEST Thanksgiving ever, in Mexico. Instead of the typical days shopping and coo...
Karla's Cottage · 2W ago

Some Snowbird decor

I LOVE Christmas decor and I LOVE Birdsong. So, it made sense to combine the two and host "A Snowbird's Song". And it was such a good idea! I loved every bit of the weekend. And I loved the week...
Karla's Cottage · 2W ago

Photos from A Snowbird's Song

I sure had the BEST time ever at our party. Fun people like Lori and Guncle Randy who were...
Karla's Cottage · 2W ago

More new looks for old Santas

When you come across at Christmas cottage with a FLYING SANTA AND SLEIGH, plus it is a music box, can you say no??? I almost did, because it was waaayyy too red for me. And a decapitated Mr Claus isn't...