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Kat-Nap Cats with too much free time

English - Webcomic, Cats, Humor
Kat-Nap · 11M ago

#129: Guest Comic #3 Cookies by Michael J Larson

A few months back I got a whim to see what my characters might look like from different styles. So a few months ago I commissioned Michael J Larson, an artist I have followed for a while, to...
Kat-Nap · 1Y ago

#128: Knock Knock Stocking

Merry Happy Holidays!
Kat-Nap · 1Y ago

#127: Christmas is a Blast

Kat-Nap · 1Y ago

#126: Privateer-Tale

Avast land lubbers! It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day today me hearties!
Kat-Nap · 1Y ago

#125: A Spot of Cooking

Or How the Cats Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pepper.
Kat-Nap · 1Y ago

Other places on the net.

Hi all, You might not know this because A.) I’ve never really said anything before about it, or B.) It’s relatively a new thing, but there are a few other places on the net to get Kat-Nap re...
Kat-Nap · 1Y ago

#124: Current Events

Kat: Since when did they hire Spot to the write the news? Spot: But you said I couldn’t make things up any more.      
Kat-Nap · 1Y ago

Kitten distractions and Free Comic Book Day 2016

Hi all, Yes I still function! While my recovery has been slow and is still not 100% complete, am back working on comics and various secret projects. If everything goes well I will be at Dock...
Kat-Nap · 1Y ago

#123: Surviving the Holidays

It feels good makin’ comics again. Happy Holidays Everybody! 😀
Kat-Nap · 1Y ago

Back from the brink.

Hi everybody, I’m back-ish! So as you may have noticed that there hasn’t been too much activity around this site for awhile, and while honestly that’s not too strange for me most times, sorr...