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Kathryn's Inbox · 2d ago

Friday Funnies

It is Ron ... right?
Kathryn's Inbox · 3d ago

Review: The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman

I purchased Maus a long time ago, back when I had grand plans to do a series of reviews on Pulitzer Prize winning novels that, sadly, never really got off the ground. It seemed like an impor...
Kathryn's Inbox · 4d ago

Aussie Author Challenge 2017: Update

Well, it's only April and this year has probably been one of my best yet for the Aussie Author Challenge. I am two thirds of the way there, toward my goal, which is:To read twelve titles by ...
Kathryn's Inbox · 5d ago

Review: The Case Against Fragrance by Kate Grenville

While author Kate Grenville (best known for her novel The Secret River*,) was on a book tour, she became dogged by ill health. Her headaches seemed to have one common element--they happened ...
Kathryn's Inbox · 1w ago

Friday Funnies

Love this. It's autumn in Australia, and this Peanuts comic, where Snoopy sees such joy in a falling leaf seemed appropriate.
Kathryn's Inbox · 1w ago

Review: The Hidden Hours by Sara Foster

Eleanor is a lonely young Australian woman who is keen to escape the demons of her past. Living with her Uncle and his family in London, she has found a position at a prestigious publishing ...
Kathryn's Inbox · 1w ago

Review: Paris Lights by CJ Duggan

If books were food, Paris Lights would be one of those frivolous dessert items that some may call a guilty pleasure. Or to put it another way, much like the macaroons that the heroine consum...
Kathryn's Inbox · 1w ago

Review: Margherita's Recipes For Love by Elisabetta Flumeri & Gabriella Giacometti

Some books just take you by surprise. When I picked up the copy of Margherita's Recipes For Love that I had received in the post, I intended just to have a quick look at the blurb, and maybe...
Kathryn's Inbox · 2W ago

Around Adelaide (Best of Kathryn's Instagram)

A post shared by Kathryn White (@kathrynsinbox) on Apr 8, 2017 at 8:58pm PDTMeet Avant Garde Dog! I snapped this artistic little pooch a few weeks ago. He is located on the side wall of a do...
Kathryn's Inbox · 2W ago

Friday Funnies: Film vs Book

Well, I think this one describes the whole film vs the book debate quite accurately. A film has about two hours to tell the same story as a book of around 400 pages. Often details are missed...