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KathysWaffle · 5d ago

Just a Little Treat - Spellblogger post for Spellbinders

Hello! I've had this sweet little treat box die from Spellbinders sitting on my desk, waiting to be made use of for a few weeks now.  Finally it's turn is here!I just love it, so couldn't re...
KathysWaffle · 6d ago

Happy Anniversary

HelloYou go to the seaside for a couple of days and think "A walk along the prom will be so nice in between doing the various jobs at the flat", but all it does is rain the whole time.  One ...
KathysWaffle · 1W ago

Getting To Know You

HelloHappy Friday!It's a lovely day here today - feels as though Spring really is just around the corner at last.I've had a lovely crafting week this week and managed to get a few things tic...
KathysWaffle · 2W ago

Bird's Nest Basket - Spellblogger for Spellbinders

Hello! Happy Monday to youWe didn't have as much snow as other parts of the UK, but thankfully even that has all gone now and things can get back to normal!  Or what passes for normal, roun...
KathysWaffle · 2W ago

Spring Shades

Hello!Today I'm sharing my latest project for Bubbly Funk Through the Letterbox, and this time I thought I'd use not on;y some of the trims from my "Seeing Stars" box, but also some other th...
KathysWaffle · 2W ago

March Elemental Inspiration

Hello!I really hope you are staying warm and safe while Britain endures the Big Freeze!   We've not actually got much snow here, maybe only an inch or two, but its been bitterly cold.  The w...
KathysWaffle · 2W ago

3D Toolbox - Spellblogger postr for Spellbinders

Hello! This time my Spellblogger post for Spellbinders is the card I made for my Hubby's birthday.  I always try to make something relevant and fun for his card - usually that involves cars ...
KathysWaffle · 3W ago

"Love Is..." Scrapling

KathysWaffle · 3W ago


helloI think someone stole this last week away from me!  I've not done half the things I wanted to - there are hardly any ticks on my to-do list.I set out to make my card for the Daring Card...
KathysWaffle · 4W ago

Love Hearts! Spellblogger for Spellbinders

Hello! This time my Spellblogger post for Spellbinders is a Valentines card.