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Kay Jaybee · 14h ago

Erotic Book Reading at Sh! Hoxton: 24th March

I can hardly wait for 24th March to wing itself round! I’m not one for wishing time away, but on 24th March (6.30-8pm) I will be at one of my favourite places with one of my favourite people. Kd Grace and myself will be at Sh! Women’s Store in Hoxton...
Kay Jaybee · 6d ago

High Tech and Low Tech Meet in the Middle:Toys for Boys

Hello everyone. I’m delighted to welcome my lovely friend, Kd Grace to my site today to give us a tasty taster from her brand new MM story, Toys for Boys!  Over to you Kd… When my husband an...
Kay Jaybee · 1W ago

I Blame Chaucer

If it hadn’t been for Geoffrey Chaucer, then it is unlikely that we would connect the celebration of St Valentines Day with romance and love. Brace yourself for a brief history lesson… In 13...
Kay Jaybee · 2W ago

Slow Burner of a BDSM Love Story

I’ve been writing erotica for twelve years now, and over that time I’ve built up something of a reputation for penning tales of the S&M and BDSM persuasion. Never has this reputation been mo...
Kay Jaybee · 3W ago

Wednesday on Thursday: The Inspiration

One of the most frequently asked questions levelled at a writer is, “Where do you get your ideas from?” Only yesterday a friend of mine asked me that very question in relation to my new nove...
Kay Jaybee · 3W ago


My new novella- Wednesday on Thursday– is an erotic adventure which take’s you into the world of a very specialist obsession- with a twist. A very puzzling twist. Quite literally. It’s amazing where drinking a cup of coffee and a doing a crossword pu...
Kay Jaybee · 4W ago

Getting Acquainted with Anal Play

I’m delighted to welcome Elizabeth Morris to my site today to give us the lowdown (no pun intended!) on anal play. Over to you Elizabeth… Anal play is a subject that we get asked about all t...
Kay Jaybee · 4W ago

Skewed and Warped!

To celebrate the release of her brand new novel, Warped, the lovely Marissa Farrar, is giv...
Kay Jaybee · 1M ago

PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE: Wednesday on Thursday

ON 1st FEBRUARY I’LL HAVE A NEW NOVELLA OUT IN E-BOOK LAND! About time too you might say – and you’d be right. This story has been a long time coming…if you’ll pardon the pun. PRE-ORDER IS NOW AVAILABLE! PRE- ORDER HERE-
Kay Jaybee · 1M ago

COVER REVEAL: Wednesday on Thursday

I’m delighted to be able to show off the cover of my BRAND NEW novella. WEDNESDAY ON THURSDAY As you will have worked out already, Wednesday on Thursday, tells the story of a crossword fanatic. Known as “the coffee guy,” this man is a very particular...