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kayakfari · 3d ago

Hurricane Irma storm surge impact on Dania Beach and Mizell Johnson (John U Lloyd) State Park!

Surveying the storm and the damage done: . (click for story) . The Park remains, but the beach is gone! .
kayakfari · 2W ago

Outside kayak and canoe Hurricane IRMA storage made easy!

Hurricane Irma is almost upon us here in South Florida! . . If you’re  wondering what to do with the kayaks or canoes you keep outside, here’s an easy solution that also doubles as extra fre...
kayakfari · 3W ago

Remember that? The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017!

It was only a week ago .. . (Click to enter) . .. but may as well have been two years ago. . ART of Eclipses and other Cosmic alignments!
kayakfari · 1M ago

Out of the office .. Permanently?

((( Humor ))) You feel you want to get away .. . . .. you know you want to. Get out of the office!! . . . . © 2017 Flex Maslan / kaya...
kayakfari · 1M ago

There’s something fishy about this!

A new way of fishing the Everglades, Ten Thousand Islands, Florida Bay and the Keys! . (Click pic to enter!) . Fisheye tales from the Everglades! . . . . . © 2017 Flex Maslan /
kayakfari · 2M ago

Fourth of July 2017 – Independence Day with less trash, fun paddling and more art!

Happy Independence Day! . Friends don’t let friends enjoy July 4th and trash Biscayne Bay! . . Keep it light, stay cool and have a safe paddling holiday friends! . . Enjoy the fireworks and ...
kayakfari · 3M ago

Cape Florida – Fowey Rocks – Soldier Key: Afternoon offshore paddling on Biscayne Bay!

Cape Florida – Fowey Rocks – Soldier Key! Kayaking a Biscayne Bay triangle between the Safety Valve and the Gulf Stream. . (click pic for story) . Paddling through a bit of Miami history on ...
kayakfari · 4M ago

Paddling for Jesus in the Florida Keys dive country!

Kayaking to Dry Rocks Reef on a Sunday Pilgrimage to find the “Christ of the Abyss” off Key Largo! . “Jesus is here!” (click pic) .
kayakfari · 4M ago

More from the real Superheroes of the Everglades – please give it up for the Birds!

The Everglades are for the birds! Birding and bird portraits kayaking the Everglades, Florida Bay/Keys, Ten Thousand Islands & more! . (click any pic to see the full gallery!) . . . . . . ht...
kayakfari · 5M ago

Attitude adjustment – Extra time out on Florida Bay!

From the interior EVERGLADES to FLORIDA BAY and the KEYS, TEN THOUSAND ISLANDS, BIG CYPRESS & Beyond! . Sometimes a lil extra is needed, but it’s always good to end on a hoppy note*! . (Clic...