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kayakfari · 1W ago

Was Valentine looking for Love in all the wrong places?

“Valentine’s encounter at Shark Point. A day dream in the Everglades?” . (click pic to enter) . Happy Valentine’s Day! . .
kayakfari · 1W ago

Sweet Dreams are made of Everglades nights like these!

Winter skies in the Everglades are the local Portal to the biggest show of all. . (click pic to enter) . Get out there and enjoy the dark Everglades night skies! . . https://kayakfari.wordpr...
kayakfari · 3W ago

The kayak odd couple – Stellar SES vs Findeisen Shearwater surfski comparison.

Here’s a side by side comparison of surfski design and technology twenty years apart! . (click pic for story) . . Keep on paddling the beautiful boats, people! . https://kayakfari.wordpress....
kayakfari · 1M ago

What’s that? Imaging the RGB on my CRT!

Leave your cares behind, and take a journey into the matrix of the very small kind! . (click pic to enter) . I don’t know what the magnification factor is, but I assure you it is very bigly!...
kayakfari · 1M ago

Post-Hurricane Irma kayaking, camping and photography at Cape Romano in the Ten Thousand Islands!

Paddling the Goodland to Cape Romano loop and camping in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. . (click pic to enter) .
kayakfari · 1M ago

Kaya Kay Skellitonova in “The Nightmare after Festivus”!

Goodbye 2017, sleep well my friends! . (click pic) . . . . . . © 2017 Flex Maslan /
kayakfari · 2M ago

Co-leading the 46th annual Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Holiday Boat Parade with a cold front!

Cool paddling on the 2017 Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Holiday Boat Parade. . Happy Holidays from the South Florida Kayaking Meetup crew and ! . (click pic to enter!) . https:...
kayakfari · 2M ago

Santa Claws is paddling to town .. but bring a jacket and an umbrella!

The 46th Annual Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat Parade happens tonight 12-9-2017 in Ft Lauderdale! . (click any pic for more) . Cheer us on as we paddle into town! . . Our decorated and b...
kayakfari · 2M ago

Thanksgiving is my 25 year Kayakversary and I’m Still Paddling!

Thanksgiving 2017 may have come and gone .. I am still Giving Thanks for 25 years of Paddling and Photography! . “What a long, strange Trip it’s been!” (click pic) . Paddling is affordable h...
kayakfari · 3M ago

Everglades Exploration Network 2017 Invitational paddle at Mahogany Hammock.

Paddling the 2017 EEN Invitational with the “Pa-Hay-Okee“! . (Click pic to enter) . . .