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kayakfari · 1W ago

Paddling and exploring South Florida’s wilderness – the sloughs of the Everglades!

Adventures on the endless “River of Grass”: The Everglades’ sloughs! . (Each pic opens a story!) Taylor Slough: . . . East Everglades: . . . . Shark River Slough: . . . . . . . . © 2017 Flex...
kayakfari · 2W ago

Winter’s last snow on Florida Bay in the frozen Everglades!

Presenting the ART of alternative facts: A cold white winter’s day on Florida Bay! (click any pic to enter!)
kayakfari · 1M ago

Kayak photography and Winter Wonderland paddling at Cochiti Lake on the Rio Grande in New Mexico

Paddling the painted winter landscape. Discovering the magic of the high desert! . (click any pic to enter!) . The lake speaks in the silence of winter! . . Northern New Mexico is the “other...
kayakfari · 1M ago

Valentine’s encounter in the Everglades – pics or it didn’t happen!

Was it really all just a day dream fantasy? You’re in Love! . (Click pic to enter) . ART of a Dream – an Everglades encounter at Shark Point. . Happy Valentine’s Day! . . You may also like t...
kayakfari · 1M ago

Everglades winter skies, celestial alignments and the nicest dreams of 2017!

Winter in the Everglades is the best time to enjoy the biggest show of all. . . The universe in the night sky above! . . . . To fully appreciate the Everglades winter sky experience, it is w...
kayakfari · 1M ago

Reality check – between a rock and a hard place!

Kayak vs Cruise ship – hydraulics & rip currents. The MS Oasis of the Seas is so big that it actually drains the water out of Port Everglades inlet! . (click any pic to enter) . . . Be safe ...
kayakfari · 2M ago

Adventures in mud on the Lost Portage of the Everglades!

Connecting streams of the Everglades: River – Slough – River! . (click on any pic to enter!) . . .
kayakfari · 3M ago

Boca Raton 2016 Holiday Boat Parade – Rudolph was my Co-Pilot!

Happy Holidays paddling the 2016 Boca Raton Holiday Boat Parade. Rudolph has completely taken over. I have no more control. Merry Christmas! . (click pic to enter!) . https://kayakfari.wordp...
kayakfari · 3M ago

A short tale about the 2016 Florida Paddlers’ Rendezvous in Flamingo!

2016 Florida Paddlers’ Rendezvous in Flamingo, Everglades National Park. . The Florida Paddlers’ Rendezvous go back as far as the 1980’s when paddle clubs from around the state would have in...
kayakfari · 3M ago

South Florida’s annual Winterfest Boat Parade meets a stiff headwind – kayaking under full Rudolph control!

Paddling the windy 2016 Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Holiday Boat Parade. A South Florida Kayaking Meetup Winter tradition! . (click pic to enter!) .