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K.E. Saxon If you like your romance steamy, your heroes dreamy
K.E. Saxon · 1Y ago

Emily Contest for Unpublished Romance is NOW OPEN!

My local chapter of Romance Writers of America is having their annual writing contest for unpublished works. This is an incredibly popular contest because, historically, there has been a hig...
K.E. Saxon · 1Y ago

Smashwords Summer/Winter eBook Sale!

I am so thrilled to let you guys know about this completely awesome sale on eBooks that is going on at Smashwords from July 1-July 31, got it! I've included some of my most ...
K.E. Saxon · 1Y ago

What Do Völva, Yggdrasil, Buddha, Oseberg Ship, and Constantinople Have in Common?

At 6:11 a.m. this morning I opened up my revision notes for my latest manuscript (working title: Vika and Grímr's story), and the first note for the day (after having left off on this revisi...
K.E. Saxon · 1Y ago

Magic and Mysticism in the Norse Sagas

My current manuscript telling Vika and Grímr's story includes a bit of the mystical within it. I've found the study of the Norse mythology and Norse sagas very helpful in building this layer into my book. One of the Old Norse Sagas, "The Saga of Erik...