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Keeping the Glass Half Full · 1Y ago

The Space You Leave Behind

Have you ever felt something that isn’t there? Every day – especially late at night and first thing in the morning – I feel the space you leave behind. It’s like one of those weighted blanke...
Keeping the Glass Half Full · 1Y ago

How to Join the Movement to End Gun Violence in the USA (Updated)

I am an optimist, pure and simple. Call me naive, idealistic, a dreamer: I don’t care. I believe in speaking up, I believe in taking action, I believe that, collectively, we can be better. B...
Keeping the Glass Half Full · 1Y ago

Welcome to Nine!

Once upon a time a baby girl was born. Boy, were we relieved when we found out you were a girl! Here’s truth #1: I didn’t enjoy it that much when you were inside me, but once you were out an...
Keeping the Glass Half Full · 1Y ago

He Is Not The One

You are standing in the airport lobby, fists balled at your sides alongside your luggage, smarting with fury and disappointment. The hubbub around you is a blur as you grind your teeth and h...
Keeping the Glass Half Full · 1Y ago

My 2016 Word of the Year is: Listen

Do you hear that? No, nor did I. Since my 2015 word of the year was energy, my year was noisy, filled with the throes of everyday life, with busyness and activity. It was a good year overall...
Keeping the Glass Half Full · 1Y ago

Familiarly Unfamiliar

Home. It once was. It still is. Or is it? It fits like an old sweater. Comfortable. Like muscle memory, it all falls into place. Right here, left there. Memories like yesterday; places I onc...
Keeping the Glass Half Full · 1Y ago

10 Pieces of Advice for My 11 Year-Old Son

Dear Gabriel, Welcome to 11 and your pre-teen years! This is the impressionable time when the world comes into sharper focus, when your character (and body) begins to mold from child to teen...
Keeping the Glass Half Full · 1Y ago

355 Mass Shootings in 2015: America, You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself

I’m ashamed of you. I’m disgusted. I’m sad. I’m mad. I’m weeping as I write this. This is not a civilized society. We freely (and easily) arm our population so that we can turn and gun each ...
Keeping the Glass Half Full · 1Y ago

Control and “The Science of Parenthood”

One of the most frustrating parts of parenthood is the assumption that you have control of anything. You know it’s true. I see you over there nodding. And yet, we keep trying. When my kids w...
Keeping the Glass Half Full · 2Y ago

Today’s Gratitude: Neighbors & Raspberries

What’s better than freshly-picked raspberries? A big bag of fresh raspberries given to you by a generous neighbor.