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KEITH'S SPACE · 12h ago

Do You Notice A Pattern?

KEITH'S SPACE · 1d ago

To The World

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KEITH'S SPACE · 4d ago

Weekend Humor

A bachelor who for companionship, had a beloved cat for over 10 years, plans a vacation to Paris and entrusts the cat with his brother.As soon as he arrives in Paris he calls his brother and...
KEITH'S SPACE · 5d ago

I Don't Recall

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a liar who has perjured himself by magically claiming to have forgotten all Trump campaign contacts with Russia, PERIOD.I remember being asked why I did ...
KEITH'S SPACE · 6d ago

Death In Northern California

Yesterday, a gunman shot multiple places in Northern California... Yes..This is happening again...We are still reeling from Vegas and The Texas Church Shootings...and now here we have anothe...
KEITH'S SPACE · 6d ago

Enough Already!!!

KEITH'S SPACE · 1w ago

Lesser Of Two Evils?

If You are a regular reader of this Blog, You KNOW..I detest President Donald Trump...You KNOW I'd like nothing better than him to be resign or to be indicted for some high c...

Is This Justice?


Weekend Humor

This old man in his eighties got up and was putting on his coat. His wife said, "Where are you going?" ... He said, "I'm going to the doctor."  And she said, "Why? Are you sick?"  "No," he s...