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Ken Bennison's Photography · 3W ago

Hey, Come on Honey

It’s Saturday night The clock strikes eight I got a pocket full of money I’ll call my honey Going down to the bar It’s not too far I got a pocket full of money I am walking my honey I’ll tak...
Ken Bennison's Photography · 1M ago

Birch and Maple

I combined the two trunks of a Birch tree with the yellow, red and green leaves to create this composition.
Ken Bennison's Photography · 2M ago

Mica Bay, Lake Superior

Mica Bay, Lake Superior. This was one of my enjoyable evenings spent exploring the shoreline of Mica Bay, Lake Superior. The evening was becoming late as I observed this scene. The lake was ...
Ken Bennison's Photography · 2M ago

Tomorrow Never Came

Tomorrow Never Came The time has past My hair is silver now Tomorrow never came Our love has gone My thoughts always turned to you We never got to say I do You were the shadow of my life No ...
Ken Bennison's Photography · 3M ago

A Quiet Spot

I was photographing at High Falls, Levack late of an evening. I spotted this little nook at the rivers edge. Using the rocks for framing, the dark waters giving contrast. A hint of fast wate...
Ken Bennison's Photography · 3M ago

Late Fall

The Fall of each year brings out the muted earth colors of the vegetation in the north country. The spectacular display of the Maples and Oaks are mostly finished. The temperatures are getti...
Ken Bennison's Photography · 3M ago

I’m Coming Home

I’m Coming Home Hey baby, It’s just me Yeah baby, I’m coming home I’m coming home Got my suitcase packed The time has been long I will just be along On the next flight out Leaving Toronto I ...
Ken Bennison's Photography · 3M ago


  The fall colors of the maple and oak are almost gone now. Standing out in contrast with the green of the pines and spruce, the tamarack displays its beauty. The tamarack is also known as l...
Ken Bennison's Photography · 4M ago

High Falls, Levack

Late evening at High Falls, Levack. A location that Group of Severn member A Y Jackson chose to paint many years ago.
Ken Bennison's Photography · 4M ago

I Love You More

I Love You Even More Female Just for you I love you before Now, I love you more Here I am, opening the doors of my heart Male I will enter and lock the doors Just you and me, behind closed d...